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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

Carol unzips your fly and you feel her soft hand bring out your cock from under your shorts. It feels good to bring it out in the open and as your cousin starts stroking it up and down, you continue to watch Aunt Vera preparing your girlfriend for dinner.

“And now for the stuffing,” says aunt Vera. “I’ll be stimulating your clitoris a bit to make you open up a bit darling, hope you don’t mind.”

Aunt Vera wets her fingers slightly with saliva and then she starts rubbing Rachel’s pussy softly. You look at Rachel’s face and she seems enjoying it. At the meantime, you enjoy feeling your cousin stroking your cock harder and harder.

Rachel looks back at you, she can’t say anything, but from the look in her eyes you can tell she’s getting really horny. Aunt Vera rubs Rachel’s clitoris hard and approvingly tries out the width of her vagina with two fingers.

“Very good darling,” she says, “but I think we can do better.” Then she folds her hand to a cone and slowly pushes her whole hand into Rachel’s vagina. “This might hurt a bit, but I need you to open up really wide darling.”

You watch your girlfriend’s face twitch in agony as Aunt Vera pushes her fist deeper and deeper inside her pussy. You never thought it was possible for her to swallow so much. At the same time Carol is stroking your cock harder and harder. “Oh my god Ross, your girlfriend is so hot!” she says as she’s pushing her free hand into her own pants, fingering her vagina.

You and your cousin sit there and watch in amazement as Aunt Vera’s fist slowly glides into Rachel’s vagina and disappears. The expression of agony in Rachel’s face turns to one of explicit joy. You can hear Rachel’s moans of pleasure muffled from behind the big red apple in her mouth.

“How’s that feel darling? Is that better now?” asks Aunt Vera.

Rachel just nods softly, and looks over at you with a smile in her eyes. She wiggles her ass slowly as Aunt Vera rolls her fist inside of her.

“Not bad at all,” says Aunt Vera as she slowly pulls her hand out. Then she picks up a soft plum, pushing it into her vagina. “The stuffing is the most important part of the turkey. I’ve decided to skip the breadcrumb recipe, for obvious reasons, and go for a more fruity alternative with plums and grapes instead.” She pushed a few grapes inside Rachel’s vagina, and then another plum. She keeps pushing grapes and plums inside of Rachel and you’re surprised to see how much fruit your girlfriend’s pussy can hold.

Meanwhile your cousin Carol bends down and puts your cock inside her mouth. You can feel her soft lips wet with warm saliva hungrily suck your dick, as if it is the only source of water in a barren desert. “I’m sorry Rachel,” says Carol as she comes up to gasp for air, “I just couldn’t help myself, I really needed to taste your boyfriend’s glorious cock. I hope you don’t mind.”

Rachel looks at the both of you approvingly, and Carol stuffs her face with your cock again as Aunt Vera continues to stuff Rachel with plums and grapes until her pussy is on the verge of exploding and dripping with fruit juices.

“That’s my girl,” says Aunt Vera looking proudly at her daughter. “Suck that cock good, like I taught you. I’m so glad you cousins still get along with each other. And now it’s time for the glaze.” Then Aunt Vera brings out a big bowl of glaze with a brush and starts glazing Rachel’s body all over.

“Since we’re not actually going to roast this turkey, I’ve only prepared a glaze with some starch and honey, a strong bullion, some blackcurrant and a whiff of Madeira. It’s mostly just to give a nice color and shine to Rachel’s skin, but it also tastes nice.” She spreads the glaze thin all over Rachel’s naked body. Then she turns over to you and Carol in the couch. “Here, have a taste.” She hands you some glaze on the tip of her finger.