Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Mxyzptlk...)

Rachel’s breathing gets louder and speeds up as she uses both hands to drive the monster cock into her pussy. She moans, helpless as the pleasure starts to overwhelm her and you hear the unmistakable sound of her pussy getting wet as she begins to cum all over the thick, penetrating toy. Her moans grow louder as her legs begin to shake before she eventually is unable to make any noise at all from how intense the orgasm is rocking all the way through her little body.

Rachel pulls the fourteen-inch toy out of herself quickly and her pussy squirts as she keeps cumming. She writhes on the bed as the shockwaves course through her, pulling desperately on the bedsheets and even biting them. She’s still moaning in the moments after, still breathing heavy when you hear the doorbell ring.

She looks over at you, still clearly basking in the bliss. “Would you mind getting that, Ross?” she asks.

After searching the room for some trousers, you throw them on and she bites her lip, getting turned on by the interracial porn that’s still playing on the TV screen. She begins rubbing herself and as you walk out the bedroom door she starts sliding the big fake cock deep inside herself again. You make your way to the door, still able to hear her pleasing herself in the background and open it to find a large black man waiting outside it.

“Can I help you?” you ask.

“No… but she can.” He gestures towards the direction of your bedroom.

“I think you must be mistaken,” you say. “Perhaps you have the wrong address?”

It’s at that moment that you hear your girlfriend start cumming all over her toy again from the back of the house. “Oh my God Omigod omigod FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” followed by a constant moan as her pussy throbs and cums on the superior cock.

The man laughs. “Nah man, no mistakes here. I’m here to finish the job for your girlfriend. I’m sure she’s told you about me. I’m Dewayne, the dude she used to work with.”

“Yeah, she told me you sent her a dick pic.”

He busts out laughing. “Is that all she said we did? And you believed her?” He laughs some more. “You white boys are so gullible. C’mon man, let me in so I can go take care of your slut.”