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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

You put Aunt Vera’s finger in your mouth and taste the glaze she’s prepared. It’s sweet and a bit salty and taste a bit of dark fruit. Carol doesn’t let go of your cock.

“That a good boy,” says Aunt Vera. “You suck that gravy all up.” Even though you’ve sucked up most of the glaze from her finger, Aunt Vera doesn’t pull her finger out of your mouth. You keep sucking her finger and she pushes it deeper into your mouth. At the same time you feel Carol sucking your cock, pushing it deeper down her throat. It’s the tastiest glaze you ever tried and you suck greedily at Aunt Vera’s finger.

“Carol, would you like to try some?”

Carol looks up from your cock for a while and Aunt Vera pulls her finger from your mouth and strokes your cock with the glaze covering it entirely. “There you go honey, now don’t be sloppy, remember what I’ve told you, always finish what you’ve got on your plate!”

“Yes mom,” says Carol, leaning down and greedily licking the gravy from your cock base before putting your cock in her mouth again.

“Now,” says Aunt Vera, turning to Rachel on the table again. “We need to spruce this up a bit. Say Ross, did you and Rachel ever have anal sex? No? You should try it some time, well I suppose some celery will do then.”

Then she takes a long stalk of celery, dips it in the glaze and slowly pushes it into Rachel’s ass, so that only the green leaves stick out. Rachel moans as the stalk goes in. Meanwhile you can feel Carol’s hand finding its way in under your shorts and pushing a finger against your anus.

“The good thing with a soft stalk like this,” says Aunt Vera pulling slightly at the celery stalk, “is that it’s not only healthy to eat, but whenever you touch it, Rachel will feel it deep inside.” And every time she pulls softly at the celery stalk Rachel moans and twists slightly on the table.

Meanwhile Carol’s head bounces faster and faster up and down between your legs and she pushes her fingers harder and harder up against your anus. You grab her head between your hands and push it hard towards you as you feel the room spinning around you and you blow your cum inside Carol’s mouth.

Carol swallows your cum, wipes her face with the back of her hand and looks up and smiles at you. “Thank you, she says, I’ve been secretly dreaming of tasting your cock for a very long time, cousin.” She gives you a wink of the eye and kisses your cock head slightly. “And it tasted good, even without mom’s glaze.”

The End