Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

You lie in bed with Rachel the next night and as you kiss her good night she smiles at you. As the lights go out she sighs, “Goodnight, love you,” and you reply along similar lines. Just as you begin to fall asleep Rachel begins to talk. “You know yesterday? Do you think he saw us?”

Awake a little you reply, “He might’ve, I don’t know. Don’t worry about it. He probably didn’t but even if he did he probably only saw your tits for a second or so.”

Rachel goes quiet and just when you think she’s drifted off she replies, “How, how does that make you feel? You know another man seeing my tits?”

Now it’s your turn to be silent. How the hell do you answer that? “Er, well I don’t know really. I haven’t thought about it” (which was a blatant lie but not something you want share with your girlfriend.) “How did you feel?” you ask, hoping the deflection works.

Rachel hesitates a moment. “It… it turned me on, I must admit. Just the naughtiness of it. Someone else possibly seeing me naked and seeing me getting fucked. I loved it being in Monica’s house as well. I have to feed the cat tomorrow morning if you fancy a repeat performance?”

“What repeating, me fucking you or you getting watched?”

Rachel turns towards you in the dark, “I very much doubt he’ll be up at 7am but a girl can imagine.”

“Imagine what?” you reply.

Rachel stays silent for a moment. “Anything I want to.” She kisses you and rolls over to go to sleep.

It feels like hours before you finally nod off and seconds later Rachel is waking you up. “Come on sleepy head, need to feed the cat.”

As you groggily pull on some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, Rachel is in her nightdress with a small dressing gown over it. It’s still very short, too short for outside. Rachel notices you watching. “Oh it’ll be fine, it’s too early for anyone to be up. Come on.”

As you walk the fifty metres or so to Jamie and Monica’s place your head is on a swivel. Luckily no one is about to see your girlfriend in her nightdress.

As soon as you enter, Rachel strips of her dressing gown and lifts off her nightdress, dumping the clothes in the living room. You notice she has shaved all of her pubic hair off. “I thought you’d like it,” she smiles at you. “Come on into the kitchen.”

Rachel marches off and walks around the kitchen naked and slowly. As she gets back to the island she stands side on to the window. “If our friend is watching he’ll see everything from this angle.”

The lights are not on and Rachel seems a little disappointed. “He might still be there…” You pause, then make the decision to go all in. “Just out of sight, slowly wanking himself, looking at you gorgeous body.”

You pause to see what Rachel’s reaction is like. She moans a little as your fingers slip between her legs. “You really think he would wank over me?”

“Yes of course, he’s imagine fucking you, instead of me.”

Rachel groans again, “Really?”

You are getting into this now, feeling Rachel’s soaking wet pussy, you are pretty convinced she is enjoying this also, her naked body bucking against your fingers.

“Yes of course, he wants to fuck you and come deep inside of you.”

“Would you enjoy your girlfriend bring a slut for you? Fucking other men? Letting them cum on my tits?”

You smile at her and finally push your cock deep inside of Rachel. You are just about to reply when a voice behind you says, “Rachel? Ross? What the fuck is going on here?”