Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Your balls are turning blue thinking about the fucking you’re going to give Rachel when she gets home. Maybe even a bit of a titty-fuck head job first. After about an hour and a half, you’ve had enough and are just about to text your girlfriend when your phone beeps. It’s Rachel. You open the message.

“Sorry babe. Got held up. Forgot we’re having a party at work for Dan’s farewell tomorrow night. I had to buy snacks.”

“Okay… cool. But I want you home ASAP!”

“I went clothes shopping too. Needed a new party dress and shoes.”

She has inserted an emoji that’s winking and smiling with it’s tongue poking out. The next message is a classic dressing-room selfie. Rachel is wearing a black dress that appears to have little flowers spotted all over it. It buttons up the front, ends just above her knees, and you can see she’s wearing knee-high black boots with a narrow two-inch heel. As you’re ogling the image of your sexy girlfriend another message appears.

“I’m a bit unsure about the length. Luckily they have a tailoring service here. I’ll drop the snacks off at the office and catch the bus home. Shouldn’t be long.”

You vaguely wonder how they can lengthen a dress with a pattern. Weird. You shrug, without thinking anymore, and send a reply. “No probs. Wear the outfit home I wanna do you in it when ya get home! It’s so sexy, it would drive any man wild babe! See ya!”

Rachel replies. “Okay… if you’re sure about it… See ya soon xxx”

You send a thumbs up emoji and walk over to the couch, swiping up back to the video of Rachel with John. You sit there replaying it over and over, memorizing it and rubbing your dick. You must have watched it twenty times before you’re startled by…