Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You and Rachel get to the theater to find that it is very run down and looking very shady.

“I don’t know about this Ross…” Rachel says to you when she turns.

You see her face is contorted with worry and just oozing anxiety. You are quite shocked at how shabby and dirty the place looks. You’ve never actually been to a porn theater yourself, but you desperately want to experience this fantasy with Rachel, so you bluff.

“It’s fine Rachel… All porno theaters are like this. It adds to the character of the place. Now let’s go get a ticket and get inside,” you say much more confidently than you actually feel.

“Are you really sure about this, Ross? I just have a really bad feeling about this place. And it’s in a part of town I never even knew existed. All the people in here look like they could eat us alive!” Rachel says, trembling slightly.

“Don’t worry babe. It’s all about how you carry yourself. If I give off that don’t fuck with me vibe, they will get the message to leave us alone. Then we can have all the fun we want.” You give your beautiful blonde girlfriend a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay Ross, I guess you know what you’re doing…” Rachel says and gives you a weak smile.

You wrap your arm around her slender waist and head up to the ticket booth. The attendant is a giant black man with arms like tree trunks. He looks Rachel up and down, devouring her tight body with his eyes.

“How many tickets?” the man asks you in his deep baritone voice.

“Two please,” you reply in the toughest voice you can manage.

The man looks back at you snickers, looks over at your nervous girlfriend and says, “Look boy, you better keep that tight little blonde pussy girlfriend of yours real close. This theater is not responsible for what anybody does inside. Any sketchy shit that happens you got to get yourself out of.”

The man hands you two pieces of paper for both of you to sign, that says you and Rachel will not hold the theater responsible for anything that happens inside. You quickly sign on the dotted line and pass Rachel hers.

“Ross, I really don’t wanna do this anymore. Let’s just scrap it and go home,” says your terrified girlfriend.

“Just sign the paper Rachel. Nothing will happen to you while I’m with you. Besides, your fear anxiety about what could happen will make it that much more exciting for both of us.” Now that you are here, you want this to happen desperately.

“Oh… Okay Ross, I’ll sign the paper. But you better make sure nothing happens to me,” your beautiful girlfriend says as she signs the paper with trembling hands.

You again wrap your arm around her tight toned waist and walk her into the theater.

When you walk in you see that there are four theaters. One seems to be showing interracial films, another seems to be showing gay and lesbian films, another seems to be showing gangbangs and orgies, and the last seems to be advertising giant cock films.

Which do you choose to go into?