Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

As the doors close, the gang of hobos reach Rachel’srail car. She frees her breasts and raises her skirt, showing her would-be attackers what they have missed. The car begins to move and Rachelhears your words echo in her mind, “The last car.”

Now, unbelievably horny, your girlfriend walks to the back end of the trolly. She peers through the glass between the two cars. All she can see are the naked backsides of at least five men. They all seem to be cheering or frantically jerking their poles.

A small parting in the crowd of men gives Rachel a glimpse of what is transpiring. The crowd of men shift and for a brief moment she can see a big, white trash girl, getting her brains fucked out by any dick, hand or mouth that can get close enough.

Horrified by the sight, Rachel dashes out off the doors as soon as they open at the next hub. She runs past the last few men looking to get on the last car, when suddenly…