Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

As Rachel opens the front door you rush to her. “Well, did it work?” you ask, frantically invading her space like a puppy.

Rachel takes a step back and puts her hand on your chest. “I’m so sorry, Ross,” Rachel says, collapsing into your arms. “I’m so sorry, ” she repeats, sobbing.

As you cuddle her tightly you sigh. “I guess he didn’t go for the blackmail photo idea?”

Rachel laughs sadly. “He hasn’t got a wife or girlfriend. He told me I had to let him fuck him within ten minutes or the video would go live on the internet.”

You look shocked at your girlfriend. “You let him fuck you?”

Rachel’s eyes plead with you. “I… I had no choice! Please forgive me.”

You look at your girlfriend open-mouthed. “He fucked you? You let him fuck you? Did he wear a condom?”

Rachel looks puzzled and pushes her hand inside her leggings.

You realize she has no panties on. The alarm is written on her face as her soaking wet hand comes into view, covered in cum. “Oh no, no, no. This wasn’t meant to happen!”

As Rachel starts to run to the bathroom her phone bleeps. As she grabs it, she sees a message from Paul. Rachel stops running and slowly she opens it.

“Thanks for before. I think your boyfriend deserves some action. You have ten minutes to make him cum. I’m watching. Use your mouth only.”

Rachel sobs out loud and runs back to you. She drops to her knees and unzips your cock, frantically wanking it and sucking it at the same time“

You groan, oblivious to why Rachel’s suddenly gone down on your cock. As the feeling intensives you hear Rachel’s phone bleep again.

Rachel picks up her phone and scans the message. “Oh fuck!” Rachel says, removing your cock from her mouth. “He thinks Jamie is my boyfriend, that I’m Jamie’s girlfriend. I have to get to Jamie, sorry!”

Rachel stands up, wipes her mouth and quickly goes towards Jamie’s house. It suddenly dawns on you that Rachel not only got fucked by someone, she’s now gone to give a blowjob to your best friend.

The feeling of disgust was expected. The feelings of animal passion and the need and want to see her get fucked were not.