Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by M...)

“Are you sure about this?” you ask. “You know I’m pretty open-minded and I usually try to encourage you to follow your heart, but to be honest I was kinda joking with the BLACKED.COM suggestion. I just meant to be playful and it’s a little suprising that you’re so receptive to it.”

Rachel gives you a sheepish grin. “Well, you do say I always look like that one pornstar you like. If she can do it and be successful, why can’t I?” ..She strokes your cock as she talks again.. “And Ross, if I’m being honest, I really do want to get to experience that. Like I said at the beginning, you make me happy and sex with you is great, but I think there’s something deep down inside all girls to want to see what it’s like to have someone deep down inside them. So what do you say? Are you okay with me doing it? It’s not like I have to, but I also would like to get to give it a try.”

You’re torn. Do you give her permission or ask her not to do it?