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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by BigSchlongBoys...)

“My best friend Monica has a dick,” Rachel says nonchalantly.

You look at your girlfriend stunned but also incredibly turned on. “When is she available?” you ask, very eagerly.

“Well, tomorrow but since you’re so excited maybe I can satisfy you for now?”

You lean in to kiss your girlfriend but she places a finger on your lips and pushes you away. “Close your eyes.”

You comply and wait. You feel her behind you and she says, “Get on your hand and knees sweetie.”

You are confused but do as Rachel says. Then you feel something and it’s your girlfriend shoving a seven-inch strap-on dildo slowly up your ass. You moan in slight pain as you are penetrated for the first time, but also in pleasure as the sensation runs through your body. Rachel hears this and starts thrusting back and forth while you jerk yourself off.

You are surprised as the strap-on explodes in your ass and some sort of fake cum coats the insides of your asshole.