Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bobe...)

Alright babe, if that’s really what you want,“ you say, still a little hesitant.

“Oh thank you so much, Ross,” Rachel says. “I’m sure you guys will have so much fun.”

You carefully watch Rachel’s face for any sign of disapproval or discomfort but she seems genuinely happy. Seems like you’re going on a trip with just you and Monica. This’ll be interesting.

The day of the flight, Jamie picks you up from your house. You insisted you’d find your own way to the airport but they were adamant about simply picking you up and going together. When you get into the car, you’re not surprised to see Monica bent over in the passenger seat, giving Jamie a blowjob.

“Hey bro, you ready to go?” Jamie says, pushing Monica’s head deeper into his crotch.

“Hey man, yeah I’m good,” you say. “How’re you doing, Monica?”

Monica mumbles something into Jamie’s crotch in response and with that Jamie starts driving to the airport. The whole while Monica is sucking him off. Once at the airport, he cums into her mouth and forces her to swallow it all.

“Now get out of here,” Jamie says, aggressively pushing Monica away. “Have a great trip you two.”

You and Monica get out and Jamie leaves. “You got a little some on the tip of your mouth,” you say and Monica wipes cum off her lip and sucks her finger dry of it.

You observe her carefully. “You really are a slut, eh Monica?”

“Just for Jamie,” Monica says, licking her lips.

You chuckle. “Yeah, you two do have a weird relationship.”

Soon you’re through security and on the plane. Despite the awkward start, you and Monica are soon back to how you normally are — joking around and having fun, remembering why you two are best friends in the first place.

“I’m gonna use the bathroom,” Monica says. “Be right back.”

“Would Jamie join you if he were here?” you ask with a smirk.

Monica smiles and playfully rolls her eyes but doesn’t say anything before walking away.