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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by BigSchlongBoys...)

You wake up lying next to your beautiful girlfriend and kiss her forehead. You go to stand up but soon realize that you have morning-wood. You know that you were dreaming of Monica in anticipation for today. You try and wake Rachel up so she can help you out, but she is a heavy sleeper. You place your hand on your dick so you can jerk off but just as you do so Rachel’s phone starts to ring. You check and see that it’s Monica so you answer.

“Hey Monica,” you say with a growing erection.

“Oh, Hi Ross. Is Rachel there?”

“No, sorry she’s asleep, do you need anything?”

“Ummm, well I was just wondering what time I should come over today for the ‘experiment’?”

You think about it and say, “Well, maybe you could come over right now for a practice run?” You hope she says yes more than you’ve ever hoped for anything before.

“I can do that.” As Monica says this more blood flows into your already rock-hard cock.

You soon hear the doorbell ring and run faster than you’ve ever run before to go open the door. “Hey Monica,” you say, your heart beating in anticipation for what is to come.

“Hey Ross. So where do you wanna go to get this started?”

You direct her to the guest bedroom as Rachel is still sleeping in your room. As you enter she quickly throws you on to the bed and starts undoing your pants whilst you sloppily kiss. As she takes your pants off she sees your rock-hard cock and starts stroking it underneath your underwear.

“Please fuck me,” you say without even knowing you were going to say it. She hears this and smirks whilst you get into position so she can fuck you doggy-style. She spits on her dick and covers it with her own saliva so she can enter you easier.

Monica rubs her eight-inch cock up and down your ass crack which gets you even more excited. Without warning she enters around five inches of saliva-covered cock into your asshole and you let out the loudest moan of your life. She hears this and takes it as a signal to bury the other three inches in. You moan in pleasure as Monica thrusts back and forth inside your asshole.

The door slams open as Rachel enters the room with a look of jealousy as she was the one who wanted to be fucked by Monica. As Rachel is about to speak, Monica unleashes her load into your asshole. Your girlfriend sees this and pulls Monica out of you and reveals the strap-on from last night. Rachel quickly buries the dildo into your ass as Monica starts to fuck Rachel with her real dick.

Once everyone is in sync with one another you start jerking off as your girlfriend fucks you. Both Rachel and you are moaning loudly as you are getting fucked from behind. Monica reacts to this by speeding up which in turn speeds Rachel up which makes you jerk off faster. Soon enough you cum, followed by Rachel’s strap-on so she leaves you lying there.

You finally see Monica in all her naked glory. She pulls out of Rachel and says, “Get on your knees in front of me now.”

You and Rachel both sit in front of Monica as she says, “Take turns sucking me off until I cum all over your faces”.

Rachel quickly starts sucking Monica’s dick. You pay close attention as you have never sucked a dick before. Rachel takes it out of her mouth and holds the dick pointing at you. You hesitantly put your mouth around the tip of the penis. Rachel sees this and shoves your head down and holds you there as you gag on the majority of Monica’s big cock. Rachel’s pulls your mouth off Monica and starts jerking her off. Soon Monica starts moaning as she unleashes what seems like pints of semen over both yours and Rachel’s faces.

You all lie down on the guest bed next to each other breathing heavily. To resolve the silence you say, “That was the best sex I have ever had”. Monica and Rachel both smile at the sound of this. Thoughts fly around your head making up sexy scenarios containing Rachel, Monica and yourself. You smile as you realize that this is the beginning of a very fulfilling relationship between you three.

The End