Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by M...)

Rachel gasps as he starts fucking her tight wet pussy. “Fuck! You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend!” she exclaims.

She gestures towards the cameraman with her hand. “And you bring yours here too. Know the only difference between a joke and two cocks? I can’t take a joke.”

The men laugh as she undoes Mike’s buckle and jeans and brings his long cock out to suck. She moans and her toes curl in ecstasy as Jake begins pushing into her pussy even deeper. She can’t even take the whole thing, it hitting the back of her pussy being just over halfway in.

Mike: “Oh you’re such a naughty girl. I wonder what your boyfriend would think about you now?”

Rachel: “What boyfriend?”

Mike, puzzled: “The one that’s waiting for you outside… the one that brought you here?”

Rachel: “Oh yeah. Ross?” she laughs. “I almost forgot about him.” She pops Mike’s cock in and out of her mouth, thinking. Finally she goes on: “Eh, who cares. He’s not allowed to have an opinion of what I do with him having a cock the size of his. Guys like him should know that if their girlfriend finds a cock bigger than theirs, it’s technically not cheating. It’s just nature running it’s course. Women will always want bigger, harder cocks. It’s not my fault he was born with a baby dick and I shouldn’t be deprived of pleasure just because he does. He’ll get over it.”

Jake: “Then why even stay with him if he doesn’t satisfy you in bed?”

Rachel smiles. “That’s exactly why I stay with him. He knows he’s not enough for me and so he has to use everything else in the book to try and make up for it. I like having a desperate little cuck under my spell, catering to my every whim. When he gets too annoying, all I have to do is send him a simple picture of any of my body parts, like my feet, and he’ll go crazy over it and cum. He’s like a donkey chasing a carrot he’s never going to get. What kind of girl wouldn’t want that? Besides, I still clearly get all my needs met as evidenced by you two. When I’m horny, I can just fuck someone else. I’m hot enough I to have my cake and eat it too.”