Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by M...)

“This is over,” you say. “I’ve had enough. This started off as a fantasy, but this has absolutely just gone too far.”

To your surprise, your girlfriend doesn’t fight or argue. Instead, she just acceptingly says, “Okay honey. I didn’t realize it was getting to you like it was. You’re my boyfriend and if you want me to stop, of course I will.” She smiles and takes the Plan B pill. “All good?”

You’re a bit confused because you expected her to react differently, but you’re grateful she understands and that it worked out like it did. “Yes,” you say. “All good.”

A couple of weeks pass by and nothing more is ever said about it. The two of you are invited over to your family’s house and as everyone is sitting around the living room visiting, the doorbell rings. “I’ll get it,” Rachel says. She opens it and in walks Dewayne.

“Hey everyone, this is my new boyfriend, Dewayne. I told Ross that unless he did what I asked, there would be consequences. Everyone, meet consequences. I told Ross that his small white cock wasn’t enough to satisfy me sexually and he didn’t listen. So… Ross, one way or another I was going to have my needs met, with or without you. You chose without.”

With your family frozen in disbelief, the pair passionately make out. Dewayne isn’t shy with where he puts his hands, feeling up every curve you’d so admired.

“See you all later.” Rachel says. “We’ve got business to take care of.”

Instead of facing all the questions, you don’t know what else to do and leave for home, devastated. The torment doesn’t end there. Rachel posts a picture of her with Dewayne’s cock in her mouth on Facebook, tagging you in it. The post reads: “Just wanted everyone to know I’ve moved on to bigger and better. Ross and I are no longer together. A word of advice for all you white girls out there: If you want to be happy in your relationship, stop dating white! I can say firsthand (and obviously first-mouth ) that chocolate is definitely the way to go!”

Your life is ruined. Everyone you know knows about what happened. You end up moving away from the town you live and try to forget. Time passes, and you meet a new girl named Alexandria that you really like. She helps you forget about the bad experience and doesn’t know any of your heartbreaking story. The two of you share a wonderful chemistry, and after several weeks of knowing her, you finally ask her out on a date. She gleefully says yes, and seems just as excited as you are for it. “Finally,” you think to yourself. “A glimmer of hope. Just what I need.”