Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“We’d better get going Bob… Ross is gonna suspect something…”

“Fuck Rachel… I’m not wasting this opportunity!” Bob says and grips your girlfriend. He lays her down on the kitchen floor, sticks his still-hard cock back into the much younger woman and begins to jackrabbit into her.

No fucking way he wasn’t going to fuck another load into this hussie and fill her with his genetic code. Using every ounce of manhood he had left in him, Bob pounds this young woman with his long cock. He only lasts two more minutes.

“Hey Rachel! We’re all getting pretty thirsty in here!” you shout to her, not knowing Bob was doing her good.

Somehow while getting pounded by Bob Rachel is able to respond, “Sorry… we’re coming soon… Bob’s helping me with this load!”

“This load better be good Rachel and Bob!” you shout back to her and Bob and return to the game.

“Aww fuck!” Bob swears into Rachel’s tit as he rams into her pussy as deep as he can, shudders and empties his nuts into her young pussy for the second time in less than six minutes. “God damn amazing pussy you have Rachel…” he says as he pulls out his deflated but still substantial cock from her well-used blonde pussy.

Instinctively, Bob grabs her panties and slides them back onto her, making sure to rub the fabric tightly against her cum leaking pussy.

“Thanks Bob… don’t tell okay?” Rachel says with a grin.

“Of course not. Let’s not keep these dumb assholes waiting anymore.” And they bring the drinks back to the game.

Bob happened to be a good bartender so the drinks he made before he fucked and inseminated your girlfriend twice are a big hit. One of the guys makes a comment, “I see why it took you two so long to make these drinks. They taste absolutely sinful!”

“Oh we had to try twice to get it right!” says Rachel and looks over at Bob who just shrugs his shoulders.