Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by groves...)

Rachel moans and whines into Jamie’s mouth as her hands dig into his hair and her legs wrap around his waist. You see her abdomen contort and pulse, pushing her cunt down your friend’s length as he pumps into her with abandon. His hand reaches up and smacks at her ass cheek. She squeals and whimpers, her lips never leaving his as he gropes at her body. Not a moment ago he was looking you in the eye, now they both ignore you and focus only on one another’s pleasure.

It’s Jamie that eventually breaks the lip lock, moving his mouth down to your girlfriend’s neck. Rachel’s eyes squint as she lets out a long moan, beginning with a shriek and ending in a low growl. “Fuck your cock is so deep!”

“Shit, you’re so fucking wet.”

“It’s all you, baby. Fuck! This pussy is yours!”

Your memory and the stiffness in your jaw prove that it wasn’t him. That he was getting sucked off while you, at first lovingly, were licking Rachel’s used pussy. If you had controlled yourself it would’ve been all over, but your dick made a move and ultimately cheated itself out of the action.

Rachel’s hand rakes up Jamie’s back and she bites his ear. You see his glutes tighten and he forces himself deep into her. She gasps, but is cut off when he stops his thrusts, straightens his back, and wraps a hand around her throat. Rachel looks up at him, afraid.

Now is the time. You stand and start to walk toward Jamie, with every intention of prying him out of your girlfriend. A moment before you lift a hand, you feel a familiar feeling. Rachel’s foot has lifted from Jamie’s waist and stopped you in your tracks once again.

You don’t consciously stop. Your mind is fully set on taking action but, after being ignored so severely, even the cool touch of Rachel’s foot on your stomach is enough to paralyze you. You think you see Jamie glance in your direction, but you’re transfixed on Rachel’s long, soft leg at your abdomen. You follow it from her ankle to her knee, still locked to keep you from interrupting. Your eyes move up her succulent thigh to her hips, now once again slowly rocking into Jamie’s crotch. You trail up her belly and to her chest, heaving and bouncing from Jamie’s waist impacting beneath her. Finally, past the hands on her neck, you reach her face. Jamie moves a thumb to her lip and she takes it into her mouth. Your eyes are locked on hers, which are feigning a doe-y innocence as she relishes your friend’s forcefulness with her.

You stay on her eyes. Hoping, praying, that she meets your gaze.