Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Laying Rachel down on her bed, John strips her of her clothes. He then shimmies out of his own and stands at the foot of Rachel’s bed, staring down at the toned and fit blonde-haired woman staring back at him while massaging her own glorious tits.

“That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen John. Bring that meaty thing over here and put it in me. I want to feel it stretching me out like Ross never could.”

His cock quickly getting hard to full size, John climbs on top of Rachel and hovers his body over hers. Rachel can see John’s cock is at least twice if not more the length of Ross’s, and four or five times thicker. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the moment anticipating being penetrated by the monster between John’s legs.

Grabbing her legs under her knees, John draws her up and spreads her legs apart to give the best access. Grabbing his hard rod, John positions the plum-sized head against the tiny slit of Rachel’s smoothly shaved pussy.

“Are you ready?” John asks his employee turned mother of his next child.

“Put it in me John. Fuck me like a virgin. Pound my little pussy and fill my belly with your baby!”

Leaning into her, John lets his weight slowly slide his cock into her body. There’s an incredibly strong resistance from her little slit as it tries to keep his invading bone out, but her lips eventually stretch and slide over his crown to snap down around his shaft.

“Nngghhhhh…” Rachel moans. “You’re so big John… oh my god…”

“Fuck! You’re tight Rachel…”

John presses his hips forward some more and felt his shaft push into her love furnace several inches.

“Mmmmmm… you’re so deep inside of me!” Rachel cries out loudly.

John continues to push into her until he feels the tip of his cock pressing up against the nub of her cervix. John always hit the cervix on every woman he fucked. “So satisfying…” he thought.

Holding himself there, with only an inch left outside of her body, John marveled at how deep Rachel’s pussy was, and how she hadn’t left Ross yet. John knew that Ross’s little dick could never have given this hot woman an orgasm ever and vowed to make her his by the end of the night.

Pressing into her even harder, John felt his cock sink even deeper into her until he felt his pubic bone pressing up against hers. His big balls felt heavy, filling up with sperm ready to impregnate this woman’s eggs.

Rachel felt John penetrate her fully and although it was painful, it was also very pleasant. The pressure against her womb was enormous and it was making her dizzy. She had never felt anything like it and it made her body sweat profusely. Little beads of sweat formed all over her chest and face from the strain of accommodating such a large phallus inside her vagina.

John just took his time and relished in the tight heat of Rachel’s amazing little pussy. He could feel her muscles clamping down on his shaft spasmodically, making his cock twitch from time to time. He could feel a trickle of precum shoot out of him each time his cock twitched inside her pussy.

John started pumping slowly, pulling out just a little at first… just three or four inches. Rachel seemed to really like that and grunted each time the tip of his cock smashed back into the entrance to her womb.

Rachel wrapped her arms and legs around her boss as he pounded her pussy with his giant cock, expertly bringing her closer to orgasm with each stroke. It didn’t take long for her to have a whole-body convulsive orgasm. Rachel found it hard to breathe, gasping and gulping for air as a fish out of water might.

John pumped even harder through the massive orgasm Rachel was experiencing because he knew if he did, her orgasm would be even greater and more intense. He was right. She came so hard she pissed herself. John kept pounding into her pussy, but with more force and with longer strokes. He could feel her piss getting fucked into her pussy with each stroke.

John had never felt a pussy as powerful as Rachel’s. The velvety walls of her birth canal were gripping him so tightly it felt like a Chinese finger trap around his shaft. Then John imagined her pussy sucking the cum out of his swollen balls and lost it. Instantly he began spitting jets of white hot semen, boiling over with his virulent sperm deep into her body.

Pressing against her as hard as he could, John imagined the tip of his cock prying open her womb and filling it up from wall to wall with his white spunk. John came into his employee for nearly thirty seconds, gasping for breath and convulsing as well.

“John… oh my god John… your fucking cock John… your sperm so deep inside me… so good…” Rachel says, only able to utter phrases, still in the aftermath of her once in a lifetime orgasm.