Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel did her best to hide her disappointment at Ross’s news that he’d be delayed even more. This was supposed to be the night he made her a mommy… but she took a deep breath and texted him back that she was fine and she was still waiting for that mysterious stranger to come along and pick her up.

You text her back saying sorry and go back to sitting and staring at the back of the bench in front of you. It’s gonna be a boring night of nothing but waiting.

Rachel orders her fifth drink after quickly draining the fourth that she just got. A man who had been watching her all night chose this moment to walk up and take the stool next to hers.

Right at the moment her drink arrives and the bartender was called to take someone’s order at the other end of the bar the man “accidentally” knocks her purse off the back of her chair.

“Oops! I’m so sorry! I think I just knocked your purse off your chair. If I didn’t have to go between your legs I’d get it for you. I think we both have to move tho…” the man says to Rachel who is instantly creeped out.

Rachel knew she wanted nothing to do with this man, but she had to recover her purse so she leaned down as far as she could, holding onto the bar with her one hand. She also didn’t want to seem like she was leaving the bar so she chose to lean down instead of pushing the chair out. The bar was pretty crowded.

The man took this opportunity to upend a clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that governments use to make people highly suggestible and compliant while keeping them awake into Rachel’s fifth drink. It was a very effective drug for interrogating suspected spies, and the man had spent a good deal of money acquiring a number of doses that each last almost twelve hours.

By the time Rachel came back up the man was staring into his own drink uninterested and glanced over to give a cursory apology.

“Sorry…” the man says and turns away from her to scan the crowd.

Maybe the man wasn’t so creepy after all Rachel thought and reached for her drink. It went down surprisingly fast. She attributed it to her emotional state being a bit volatile at not having you show up to sweep her off her feet as planned.

Rachel felt a bit funny after a little time but decided she might be a bit drunk and that she had had enough to drink. Ordering a seltzer, Rachel looked over at the man she thought was creepy and saw he was looking down. Being the kind woman she was, she felt bad and asked if he was okay.

The man stated he was supposed to meet with a love interest but that she was held up on a broken down train and it didn’t look like she was going to get there anytime soon.

“That’s what’s happening to me!” Rachel says instantly changing her mind about the man. She decided that the creep vibe was his carelessness toward her which she thought was probably his eager anticipation for his lover.

“Hi I’m Rachel. Seems maybe we could keep each other company. Can I buy you a drink?” Rachel says.

The man says his name is Joe and that he lives in the city, and had planned this with his girlfriend months ago because they worked so much. The conversations drifted back and forth between all kinds of subjects and Rachel found herself answering a lot of personal and intimate details about herself to this man. Although she felt a little wary of answering him and was feeling a little hazy in her mind, she felt she had good awareness of her surroundings.

Every time she felt her senses tingling at an intimate question about her sex life with Ross, she somehow felt compelled to answer all of his questions.

“Why don’t we find a quieter place to talk?” the man suggested.

Deep down inside Rachel knew she shouldn’t, but found herself nodding and saying, “Sure…”

The man paid the bar tab in cash and led Rachel out of the bar by her hand. It made her uneasy but Rachel didn’t want to resist holding this stranger’s hand for some reason.

It had been about an hour after ingestion and the drug would be having full effect, Joe thought. She was compliant enough as he lead her by her hand out of the hotel bar, down the hall and into the elevator. Pressing the button for his floor, he stood in front of it to obscure as much info about where they were from his beautiful prey. She was so far gone she wouldn’t remember anything anyway.

Arriving on the floor he led her down to the room at the end of the hall. He had rented the two rooms next to his on his side and the three rooms across the hall. No one would hear or see anything until it was all over.

“Are we in your room?” Rachel asked the man, her awareness attempting to surge to consciousness.

“Don’t ask any questions Rachel. It’s gonna be fine” Joe says as he led her into the big room.

Joe was very excited at what the next five to six hours had in store for him and this woman.