Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by BigSchlongBoys...)

“Whatever you want Mistress,” you say to Rachel as you realize that being dominated is turning you on.

“Good boy. Now, get on your hands and knees.”

You are quick to respond and you are almost instantly in prime anal position. Rachel runs the dry dildo up and down your ass crack and then shoves around four inches in, which makes you release a loud moan of pleasure. On hearing this, your girlfriend starts rapidly thrusting in and out, making you feel a sensation that you love more than Rachel herself.

“Please Mistress, fuck me harder!”

“Since you asked so nicely, slave,” she replies, just before she shoves in all seven inches and withdraws four inches. She does this for what feels like an eternity of anal pleasure but in reality it is closer to ten minutes before the strap-on releases what you can only imagine is fake semen.

“Did you like that slave?”

You nod in response as your asshole attempts to go back to its original tightness.

Rachel looks down at your dick and sees all of the pre-cum which makes her smile. “Stand up.”

You stand quickly.

“Now jerk off and tell me when you are about to cum.”

“Okay Mistress,” you say as you start jacking off, thinking about what just happened to your asshole. “I’m cumming Mistress,” you say as instructed. Rachel pulls out a martini glass and holds it to the end of your penis.

“Cum into this glass,” she says with no remorse. You just nod before unleashing your load into the glass.

When you are finished Rachel pulls the glass away and swishes around your semen before handing you the glass and saying, “Drink up, bitch!”

You quickly grab the glass and down your own semen without hesitation in order to please your mistress.

“Good job Ross, you’re learning. Now what should I make you do next…”