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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sheep...)

“Ahh… Hey Monica,” you stutter.

“Oh hey Ross, I’m here to see Rachel,” she replies.

“Ummm… well Rachel wanted to ask you something,” you splutter.

Monica walks past you and strides into your bedroom to find Rachel in a black bra and matching black panties. “Rachel, what is this?” she asks.

“Oh, well I’m kinda having some trouble keeping Ross hard, so I was wondering if you could help,” your girlfriend says happily.

“Wait — so this mean I get to fuck Ross?” exclaims Monica.

“Yeah, but you’ll have to share, okay?” Rachel replies.

“I don’t care! I’m in!” Monica says excitedly.

Rachel strides over towards you and grabs the front of your shirt before pushing you onto the bed. “Now I don’t want you to do anything, this night is all about you — just relax and enjoy,” she says.

You gasp as Monica takes off her clothes to reveal a cute pink bra. She then grabs Rachel and begins the hottest make-out session you have ever seen. This makes your dick as hard as it can go.

“Since I got him hard can I suck him off first?” Monica asks in a cute little voice.

“Sure you are the master,” Rachel says.

Monica takes off your pants and pulls them halfway down your legs. She then licks her lips before giving your cock one long lick from balls to tip before putting her whole mouth around it. You groan and Rachel moves towards you and guides your hands to her tits.

Monica emerges from between your legs and asks, “Rachel, do you want a go?”