Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

As John did his best to keep his big cock balls deep inside Rachel’s tight pussy while his balls continued to empty their prepared load of eager sperm deep into the female baby-making vessel, Rachel’s body was hard at work pumping the precious fluid it detected in and around her cervix. Twitching and pumping like crazy, Rachel’s body was able to get more than a third of John’s load of cum.

This was possible only because of the strength of her orgasm. Normally, only a tiny fraction, maybe a hundredth of the entire load of cum gets inside the uterus, but not today… thirty times the normal amount was pulled into her womb, and Rachel could feel the difference.

Rachel could feel a warm slipperiness deep inside her belly where her womb should be. She imagined it to be John’s semen and it launched her into another powerful spontaneous orgasm.

Feeling her vaginal muscles spasming around his deflating cock, John feels his cock coming back to life and begins pounding into her again.

“Oh fuck Rachel… your beautiful pussy is so amazing. I could keep my cock inside you all night!” John says.

“Nnngghh… okay… you can keep it there as long as you keep fucking me and filling me with your warm cum John…” Rachel responds and wraps her arms and legs around her boss’s body as he pumps his massive cock into her, sending electric jolts up her spine to the base of her skull.

Rachel didn’t care about what anyone else in the house would think. She just wanted John’s cock deep inside her forever. She didn’t want to let this man go… ever. Rachel tightened her limbs around the man.

It had been more than an hour since John and Rachel had left the poker table and you begin wondering how she was getting on with her boss.

Just as you were having this thought, Jamie asks, “What do you think they are doing for so long, Ross? They’ve been gone for such a long time… and inside your bedroom?”

“I’m sure they are having a lot of fun…” is all you say. The doubt of having agreed to this situation where your girlfriend would get to have sex with one or all of these men with the intent to get pregnant by one of them becomes very intense, and you can feel your face becoming hot.

“You really okay with that dude?” Jamie asks, being oblivious to your discomfort.

“What can I do man? Rachel does as she wants…”

Back in the bedroom, Rachel was nearly drooling from the intense pleasure John was giving her with his cock inside her pussy. Her entire body was hot and tingly, her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest, and she’s posed herself twice more since John began to fuck her a second time.

John was pounding into her with long strokes of his magnificent and super hard cock, pulling out nearly all the way and slamming back into her until their pubic bones mashed together. Each time John pounded her pussy this way, the head of his cock battered her cervix and sent jolts of electricity up her spine and down her legs.

It put her entire body on sensory overload and Rachel experienced a continuous orgasm through the fucking. Something that only happens when conditions are so perfect a woman’s body’s entire electrical system is out on overload like it was with Rachel.

It made it hard for Rachel to control her bodily functions and her bladder decided it would just release its contents randomly. It was all Rachel could do to keep her bowels from releasing its contents… but if John continued to fuck her like this for much longer, she would lose control of those facilities as well.

She need not have worried because as much as Rachel was stimulated, so was John. After only twenty minutes of this overwhelmingly powerful and pleasurable episode of sex, the grueling pace John set for himself pushed him over the edge.

John pressed into the beautiful woman beneath him, the vessel that would receive his seed, the mother of his new child, and blasted her insides with an even bigger load of sperm-filled semen right at the entrance to her womb. The cervical opening having dilated open from the constant battering by John’s cockhead easily received the thick powerful jets of hot semen directly into the womb.

Rachel could feel the hers of hot fluid being injected so deep inside her and knew she would have John’s baby for sure. She smiled weakly and thanked him.

“Oh thank you John… thank you, thank you… you make me feel so alive!”