Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

The next morning Rachel seems a bit sheepish at breakfast, so you decide to not mention last night’s discussion. She doesn’t mention it either, and you chat about normal things before you kiss each other goodbye and leave for your respective workplaces.

You have only been at work for a few minutes later when your phone buzzes. You hurriedly pick it up and read the text message.

Rachel: I can’t get last night out of my mind. R U ok? You didn’t say anything this morning.

You: Waiting for you silly! I’m fine.

Rachel: Good. I’ve been a naughty girl.

You: ?

Rachel: Let’s just say that my dress left nothing to the imagination when I had to bend over the copier.

You: Oh yeah, I love that dress.

Rachel: There’s more…

Rachel: I unbuttoned the front while I asked the IT guy for help.

You: You slut! While he watched?

Rachel: Yep. LOL he could hardly look at my face!

Rachel: pic

You: No bra! He’s prolly got blue balls now haha.

Rachel: Should I give him what you got last night?

You: I want that again tonight you slut.

Rachel: On my face? I want to taste you this time!

You: Send me another pic.

Rachel: OK. Gimme a sec.

You distractedly try to work, but it’s no use. You can’t stop thinking about how quickly your girlfriend got so good at this! Is she lying about unbuttoning her dress in front of a co-worker? Sure, the pic showed the top two buttons undone, but that doesn’t mean she actually did it in front of the IT guy while he watched. But then again, she wasn’t wearing a bra! You don’t care at this point: you have a pic of her smiling at you with her cleavage on display. Oh god you think, she’s so sexy.

You look at the clock. Why is she taking so long — it’s been thirty minutes since she last replied.

Finally your phone buzzes.