Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

As soon as you catch your breath, you jump on your girlfriend and enter her. You hump her hard, fast, and hungrily — clawing at her back and biting her neck. In a matter of minutes, you reach orgasm and ejaculate deep inside her, making her cum again too. The facesitting had made you harder than ever — and given you an unquenchable taste for her ass.

The next morning, by the time you wake up, your girlfriend is already working in the study. Poised at her standing desk, she is busy talking to her colleagues about some new marketing campaign you couldn’t care about. Standing at the door in your boxers, you see her fit profile at an angle — her big bosom in a blue vest, and her shapely legs in black leggings. Your eyes fall to the curve of her round, tight bottom. You walk towards her.

With her hand below the standing desk, Rachel gestures you to stay away. Important meeting, apparently. You fall to your knees and crawl up behind her. You get on your knees, directly facing her ass. Her warm, soft, muscular bottom that you ate to completion last night. You lean in and inhale her floral scent.You move your hands up her legs as you sink your face into her cushion.

You notice her take an abrupt pause while talking — but then continue, pretending that nothing is happening. You feel her ass cheeks pushing against your face, smothering you. Grabbing her thighs, you pull her ass closer, pushing your face deeper. Gradually, you move your face up and down, inhaling her. Licking her. Kissing her.

If you could still hear your girlfriend, you would hear her mumling and stuttering and suppressing moans while trying to make an argument. If you weren’t buried in her bottom, you would see the color rising her her cheeks, her lips getting wetter. You would see her constantly adjusting her hair and swallowing her saliva. The nipples poking out from her vest. What you do feel is the moisture and heat coming off her vagina, which is where one of your hands is at the moment. As you rim her through her leggings and panties, your hand is massaging her vagina.

“I’m-I’m sorry, I think my connection — my connection is having some uh problems, ah. Um, maybe, um maybe I’ll-I’ll just switch off my video for a minute and Grace, uh, you can take take ov-uh for a whi-while?”

Without waiting for an answer, Rachel switches off her video and mutes herself. You stand up behind her and pull her leggings down. You spit in your hand and use it to lubricate her anus. With your other hand, you grab her neck and choke her lightly. You lean in close, your lips against her ear, her hair in your face, and whisper, “You’re such a slut, baby. You’re such a fucking whore. It was so hot watching you try and attend a meeting while I played with you. And you got so fucking wet and horny, didn’t you? Didn’t you, you fucking sex puppet? Even now… with my wet finger in your anus, and your colleagues — your boss — they have no idea what’s happening. They have no idea what’s about to happen…”

With her sphincter wet and loosened, you pull her flimsy panties aside and push your dick inside her. She throws her head back and screams — you move your hand to cover her mouth.

“You don’t want your work friends to know you’re getting assfucked, do you? Getting fucked raw in your ass in the morning?” you say into her ear. You both know that she’s on mute, but it’s hotter to pretend they can hear you. You can see her hand furiously rubbing her vagina.

“You want my cum in your ass, baby? You want my load? Daddy’s big load? Up in your ass?”

Rachel nods, best as she can while you fuck her.

“Then beg me for it — beg me for my cum,” you say as you move your hand off her mouth and use both your arms to hold her tightly against you.

She whispers back, “Please Daddy, give me your cum. Shoot your hot, sticky jizz into my ass, Daddy please, fuck!”

“Okay, baby girl!”

After three final thrusts, you hold her tightly against you — arms wrapped around her, and her ass cheeks pressed hard against your front. With your cock deep inside her colon, you shoot your load deep inside her. You can feel her cum with you as she shakes and shivers against you. Once you’re both done, you slip out of her, pick up your boxers, slap her ass and walk over to a couch in front of her.

She quickly arrangers her hair and connects back to the meeting. And that’s when she realizes…