Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“I’m so sorry Mark, I just thought that’s what you wanted,” John apologizes.

“Normally I’m all for creampies, I love the idea of filling a woman’s pussy to the brim with your sperm, but the audience won’t be able to see it,” Mark says.

“And I’m not on any birth control gentlemen, so you just can’t ejaculate inside me. Ross and I are not looking to have any more babies,” Rachel chimes in in between heavy breaths from being fucked by John’s massive cock.

“Oh shit Rachel, are you fucking kidding me? Why did you and your boyfriend agree to full unsimulated sex scenes then?” Mark asks in a concerned voice.

“We didn’t think anyone would be putting their semen inside my vagina.”

“Yeah, but everyone has a little leakage Rachel, precum will make you just as pregnant as a full load, what are you gonna do about this?” Mark asks very seriously.

“Ross and I agreed that since I committed to this process I need to do everything the play needs to be a success, including full sex scenes, so it’s okay if we continue with me having sex with the two men for this play, but they need to be more careful about ejaculating inside my vagina,” Rachel says.

“Well, okay, if that’s your decision, we can proceed as planned. John, if you think you can keep your cock hard, let’s try that one again,” Mark says.

When John pulls out of Rachel’s pussy, his large cockhead had stretched out her pussy around the area next to her cervix which remained stretched out. In that space, nearly an ounce of John’s cum became trapped as her vaginal walls closed behind John’s retreating cock.

John got off the bed first and began dressing. Then Rachel got up, and as she was standing, John’s cum at first oozed out, then dripped, then gushed until there was a virtual river of it flowing out of her inseminated vagina like a waterfall.

“Woah! Is that cum flowing out of you like that Rachel or are you pissing?” Mark asks.

“Yes, it’s all John’s semen that he filled me full of,” Rachel responds.

Mark stares at Rachel’s perfectly toned body, her flat stomach pushed forward slightly, her legs parted and her shaved little pussy leaking John’s cum like Niagara Falls.

“I think I change my mind about John cumming inside you Rachel.”

“Wha, what?” Rachel stammers.

“From now on, I want John to fill up your pussy in each of your sex scenes with him, then you stand up and turn toward the audience and let his deposited cum flow out of you like a waterfall. I want everyone in the audience to see how much cum John filled you up with. It will be lewd and taboo, and so fucking hot!” Mark leaves no room for discussion.

“Alright everyone! Let’s do this one again, but this time, John, I want you to be a bit more aggressive with Rachel, really pound her pussy with that huge cock before you fill it up with your cum, and when you fill her up with your sperm, shout it out loud that you are filling her with your babies. Places!”

Turning his head to Rachel, John looks for her to say no, but Rachel doesn’t make any eye contact and has already begun getting dressed. John gets dressed as well and they redo the scene.

John is rougher on Rachel in every way in this do-over of the scene. He grabs her body more roughly, he jams his cock into her pussy more roughly, which makes John incredibly turned on. It wasn’t that he got to roughly fuck his employee, it was that she was being so damn submissive and just allowing herself to be used this way. A woman giving up so much control excited John, much much more than he ever knew.

Getting to the last minute of the scene’s allotted time, John was thankful because Rachel’s pussy was like heaven on his cock. Not only was it just as tight, if not tighter, than before, it was hotter and because of all his cum still inside her, so well lubricated. That extra lubrication gave both of them much more pleasure. John felt Rachel’s body orgasm for the fifth time in less than ten minutes and lost his shit. His cock began spurting deep inside her body, over and over again.

John screamed, “Aaawwwhh, fucking God your damned pussy is so fucking good! Feel my babies spurting inside your little pussy! Can you feel them swimming deeper into your belly Rachel? Nnngghhh, take this cum!”

Having spent himself, John collapsed his sweat-dripping body on top of Rachel’s. It takes both of them a few seconds to regain their senses.

“Did you hear me John? Her character’s name is Bianca. You just called her Rachel, you’re gonna have to work on that dude. You’re fucking babies into Bianca, not Rachel, but good job telling her how you’re impregnating her. Let’s have Rachel stand up to show the audience how much cum she has in her pussy.”

John rolls off of Rachel, who wobbles to her feet and turns to the audience, pushing her pussy forward with her legs parted. A massive gush of thick white cum literally pours out of her like a faucet for several seconds, then slows to a trickle then eventually just drips.

“So fucking hot Rachel, great job letting John inseminate your character like that!” Mark compliments her.

“Thank you?” Rachel says sounding unsure of herself.

“Okay. Let’s get the set changed and Rachel and John can get cleaned up for the next scene.”