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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Fantasizing about your conservative and submissive girlfriend being a total slut for her boss is one thing, but actually seeing her act that way, then hearing her say how much she enjoys his cock is another. You start having doubts about making her have sex with her boss.

You are determined to tell her to stop after tonight. As soon as she finishes with him and goes back to her room, you will let her know it was a fine experiment, but that it was over now. You sit and watch for a little while and wait, knowing John will pull his big cock out of your girlfriend’s well-fucked pussy and let all of his cum spill out. Then Rachel will go to her room and you’ll talk to her about what you want.

John lies on top of your girlfriend with his cock embedded deep inside her, at first just laying on her breathing heavily, then lifting his head up and kissing her. They lie there, with John on top, his cock balls-deep in her pussy, kissing for at least twenty minutes.

“Oh John, I can feel you getting hard again,” Rachel mutters in between kissing John.

“Rachel, you make me so damn hard, I could fuck you all night,” John says and begins to pump in and out of her slowly as he continues to kiss her.

“Okay, we don’t have any work this weekend, so we have at least two more days of this,” Rachel responds.

“We could do this all week long Rachel. I know the boss, he won’t mind!” John says with a big smile as he speeds up his pumping.

“Oh my God, John, you’re so hard inside me, please let the boss know how good this really feels!” Rachel says and wraps her legs around him once more.

John slowly fucks Rachel to what you think is four orgasms in an hour before he empties the contents of his balls deep inside Rachel for the fifth time in one night.

Rolling over, John lays next to your girlfriend who lays spread eagled, her body glistening with sweat, her pussy oozing thick white cum like a stream. Rachel is breathing heavily with her eyes closed.

Rachel rolls toward John and drapes an arm and a leg over John’s body, then lays her head on John’s chest. You can see her pussy is continuing to leak his cum. Rachel doesn’t seem to mind the oozing viscous fluid running along her inner thigh and down her ass cheek in two separate rivulets of sperm.

You continue to watch and realize after about fifteen minutes that they both fell asleep. You figure they will wake soon and leave your phone on video call. You go to the bathroom, get a snack and a beer, turn on the tv and start watching a game.

It’s only 10pm so you want to relax on your Friday night. You can’t get it up again so jerking off to your inseminated girlfriend laying naked against her boss with her pussy covered in her boss’s cum isn’t gonna happen. Periodically you check your phone to see they have moved around a bit but are still pretty solidly sleeping.

Around midnight, John wakes up and finding Rachel mostly on top of him, maneuvers her so she’s right over his growing cock and positions it against her pussy slit.

Rachel wakes slightly and only says, “Yes please.”

John pulls her pussy down on his cock and ends up fucking her for thirty minutes until he unloads inside her again. Soon after John inseminated her for the sixth time, Rachel lays her head down and actually falls asleep with his mostly-hard cock still inside her cum-leaking pussy. John closes his eyes too and wraps his arms around her body to hold her in position.

Within a few minutes, you hear the soft deep breathing of both John and Rachel. You find it incredibly hot that Rachel could fall asleep with such a huge thing in her pussy and find your cock growing. You stroke and find you’re able to finish. It’s a powerful one that nearly makes you pass out.