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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by FukBoi123...)

“I wanna be double-penetrated!” Rachel looks worried about what you might say, but her answer doesn’t surprise you.

You say “sure” — but you ponder on who to ask. She is wondering the same thing.

“Let’s ask your friend Jamie!” she finally says.

You seem shocked. Would you let your friend fuck your girl?

After a little resistance you say yes and call your friend.

“Umm hey Jamie… Me and my girlfriend need… Something…”

He sounds nervous but agrees to come over. “Umm… Sure? Meet you there at six.”

When the wait is over he comes in and you invite him to sit on the couch. Then you pop the question. “Would you like to dp my girlfriend with me?”

His eyes widen and he agrees straight away! Deep down you always suspected he wanted to bang Rachel.

“So… What would you guys wanna do first?” he asks.