Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Feeling so full of John’s cock, Rachel found it somewhat difficult to breathe. When John pulled back out of her pussy it was easier so she found a rhythm for her breathing that matched when John pulled out, then she’d exhale when he pumped into her.

Rachel had never felt so full, never felt so completely taken, never felt so stretched out in pleasure. She reveled in it, Rachel let her anger toward her boyfriend Ross focus her body toward enjoying the sex. To focus on how John was giving her so much pleasure. To focus on giving him pleasure.

Ten minute of this and Rachel found her body heating up enough that she was sweating. John was a relentless cocksman, using that giant flesh pole so expertly, rubbing all the right parts inside and outside her sex. Rachel found she was no longer angry. She was just feeling aroused and satisfied more than she’s ever felt before.

Rachel focused on the pleasure. On the thick veins and raised bumps on John’s massive cock as it glided in and out of her velvety vagina. She felt a spray of juices flowing from her and smiled so naturally she wondered if she’s ever smiled so deep in her life.

In the next ten minutes of John fucking Rachel this way, Rachel experienced a cascade of orgasms each stronger than the last, the next coming quicker than the one before it.

John’s body was so hard and strong and muscular, unlike her boyfriend’s which was soft, and rough in all the wrong places, she couldn’t believe how lucky she felt that her amazing boss John would be willing to give her this much pleasure and give her so much satisfaction by fucking her with his amazing penis and beautiful body.

Ten more minutes and Rachel was having orgasm after orgasm, without any spaces in between. Rachel had heard of how women could experience continuous minutes long orgasms, but always thought that level of pleasure was reserved for hyper sexual sexual addicts and not someone like her,

“Rachel, I’m close,” John says as his pumping speeds up. Rachel felt an increased urgency in his body, a tenseness that felt electric.

“Yes John, yes! Cum with me John! Cum for me! Cum in me!” Rachel heard herself saying.

“Aaahhhhhhh!” she heard John say out loud as he pushed into her shaking and shuddering body hard and held himself against her.

Rachel felt every muscle in John’s body become as taut as a steel cable, his body shaking. Then she felt his cock expanding inside her. Rachel felt the first jet of hot wetness spray against her vibrating cervix and her entire body jumped. The second and third jets were just as equally powerful and the hot wetness filling her vagina made her gasp. Never had Ross’s cum inside her felt like anything, although she had lied to make him feel good about himself.

She doubted if her boyfriend had cum at all but when she became pregnant several weeks later, she knew he had.

But John, Rachel could feel him cumming so deep inside her body. She could feel an overwhelming amount of hot liquid filling her up. And she launched into another orgasm which made her gulp for air it was so powerful.

She missed the next several jets of semen from John because of her orgasm, but as she began to settle down, she realized John was pumping in and out of her pussy again.

“Oh my God, you’re fucking me again, Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” Rachel asked her boss over and over again to fuck her hard. She could feel his cum getting squished out of her as he resumed fucking her pussy with his still very hard cock and decided she loved feeling a man’s cum leaking out of her as he continued to fuck her after filling her with it.