Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sheep...)

“Actually let’s work together,” Rachel suggests.

“Good idea!” Monica replies.

Monica swings her leg over you and sits on your stomach. You can feel her wet panties as she slides up and down just above your cock.

She then bends over until her perfect tits are inches away from your face. “Give me a hand, will you Rachel?” asks Monica in a cute voice.

Rachel reaches over and unclips Monica’s bra and it falls on your face. You try to move your hands to remove the bra from your face so you can see her perfect tits. However you find that she has pinned your arms down with her legs.

You gasp as you feel Rachel’s tongue on your balls and realize that your arms are no longer pinned down. You take the bra off your face to see Monica hovering over you erect cock. Rachel continues to lick and suck on your balls just as Monica slowly slides down your cock.

“Fuck, that’s even better than I thought,” Monica gasps.

“It gets better,” Rachel comments from between your legs.

Monica rises up to your full length then slams down with every sexy curve of her ass. She does this over and over again as Rachel continues to lick your balls. Your hands find her hips as she keeps on fucking you.

“Ohhhhhh fuck Ross,” gasps Monica.

“Fuck me harder,” you reply.

“Oh fuck yes, I want you so fucking bad. Fuck me, fuck your fantasy girl. Ohhhhhh fuck this is so fucking good!” she screams.

“How bad do you want me?” you ask.

“Oh fuck Ross, I want you so bad. I want to fuck you every day. I want to make you cum. Keep fucking me. Just like that baby. Fuck me harder!” she moans.

The effect of fucking one of your girlfriend’s hottest friends while having your girlfriend lick your balls makes you moan as Monica yells out, “Ohhhhh fuck I’m cumming!”

“Fuck me too I’m cumming too!” you reply.

You both orgasm at the same time and Monica dismounts you. Rachel emerges from between your legs and begins to lick your cum and Monica’s juices from your dick.

“What do you wanna do next?” Rachel asks after she is done licking the mess of your cock.