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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Slowly pumping in and out of her cum-soaked pussy, Joe admired the toned back of this blonde woman. She had a nice tribal tramp stamp on her lower back pointing to his cock which he smiled at.

Then Joe noticed her perfect little pucker. Accurately guessing she was an anal virgin, Joe decided it want a piece of that. Pulling his cock out of her with a pop, Joe reached down and pushed three of his fingers as deep inside this woman’s pussy as possible. His middle finger could feel the hard nub of her cervix. Making a scooping motion, he digs out a good amount of his deposited cum.

Being careful to not waste any, Joe lined up his fingers and tipped them over so his cum would flow into her asshole. When enough had dropped down and began forming a small puddle, Joe placed all three of his fingers at the entrance to her asshole and pushed.

“Oh, what are you doing? I’ve never let anyone in there!” Rachel says, suddenly aware she was in a sexual act and didn’t know who she was doing it with.

Joe realized the woman was becoming aware. He knew she should be out of it for several more hours, but he remembered being told that some people with high metabolisms may process the drug faster and the effects wear off sooner.

Yup she was one of those people. Fuck! Joe thought as Rachel turned to look at the strange naked man with a giant cock straddling her upper thighs, his cock resting on her ass crack, which was strangely and alarmingly sore and gooey feeling. And he had a gooey hand poised over her asshole.

“Who are you? Get off me! Help!” Rachel realized with a start that she had been drugged and was being raped over and over again.

Joe had a contingency for this. Once before this happened and he was not ready. He had to beat the woman up something fierce and had to sneak her out of that hotel and get rid of her. It was a good thing that woman hadn’t started at that particular hotel so after he dropped in the middle of nowhere buck naked and passed out he never had anything happen afterwards.

But this was different. The woman had seen him and knew he had a room here in this hotel. No fucking way he was going to jail for this little piece of ass. Pulling the chloroform pad from a plastic bag he had next to them, Joe grabbed her neck and jammed that pad in her nose and mouth. Within moments the woman was passed out.

Nothing he could do about this now. But he knew chloroform knocked people out and made them completely oblivious for as long as they kept breathing it in. The danger of breathing it for too long was short term memory loss. Which was perfect.

Resuming his penetration and taking of this woman’s anal cherry Joe jammed his three fingers as deep into her asshole as he could without regard for her at all. She wouldn’t feel it anyway because the chloroform blocked all nerve impulses to her brain.

She was very tight around his fingers. But Joe was determined. He kept jamming his three fingers, then a fourth, then adding his thumb, Joe decided her ass was getting fisted. Pulling out and jamming his entire hand completely into her already well fucked pussy, he marveled at how tight her little pussy felt around his fist. Her little pussy lips gripped his hairy wrist as he punched her womb over and over again aggressively.

After fisting her pussy for several minutes, Joe switched to her ass. It took some time before his hand sank into her asshole. And boy was he happy he got it in. Her asshole was so fucking hot around his hand. Her pucker seemed to be trying to sever his wrist.

And what Joe loved most about fisting little white women was getting deep enough into their rectum to feel logs of shit inside their bowels. And she had a nice one inside her.

Joe used his big hand to caress the shit and squish it, mash it between his fingers inside her. It must have been pretty painful because she started to wake up and pull away. Using his other hand, Joe applied more chloroform, but accidentally smelled some himself.

“Fuuuuccck,” Joe had enough time to say before he lost control consciousness.

So here was Joe, a big black man, twice as big as the little blonde woman he drugged and fucked several times, passed out with his big black hand inside Rachel’s tight little white asshole up past the wrist bone, Rachel’s shit between his fingers deep inside her.

Joe woke with a start. And only moments before Rachel regained full consciousness. Rachel had a fast metabolism, and would have woken up much sooner than Joe, but the original drug acted as a massive inhibitor slowing her return to awareness.

Feeling his hand still deep inside this woman’s asshole, Joe looks around to see his chloroform nearly gone. The bottle had tipped over and there was only a little bit left. He reached over and poured it over the little blonde woman’s nose and mouth.

She passed out again immediately. Close call! Joe thought. Thank god he woke first. Then his twisted mind resumed being directed by his desire to continue defiling this woman. This time around Joe had a little bit of anger at the situation and he forced his hand six more inches into the woman’s asshole. He knew he could keep pushing and get his entire arm inside her body up to the elbow.

He had never been able to do it on any willing or unwilling woman before but he wanted to try on this one. Reaching over with his few arm, Joe turned the woman over so she was laying in her back. He loved how her sphincter muscles gripped his forearm as her body twisted around his arm.

Once he had her on her back, he pushed his hand up against the inside of her belly and was rewarded by her flat toned belly rising up where his hand was pushing from inside. Half of his forearm was inside her now. Joe thought this woman’s asshole would hurt for weeks because his forearm was at least five inches thick at its widest and he was almost there.

Joe wiggled his hand inside this woman’s anal cavity so he could get deeper and deeper. Each time he wriggled his wrist, his arm sank into her body another inch. Within a few minutes, Joe had succeeded in getting his entire arm up to his elbow inside this woman.

Joe lifted his arm and found he could lift her entire body off the ground this way. He went with it. Wrapping his free arm around her waist, and using his arm inside her ass, Joe lifted her up and carried her around the hotel room. It was a scene out of his widest dreams and his cock began to spurt cum spontaneously.

It was so hot feeling the weight of the woman who’s asshole had taken his entire forearm inside it, as he walked around parading his complete sexual power over women.

Joe almost dropped her and pulled her tight against himself. As her torso pressed against his upper body his hand inside her asshole could feel his chest through her belly.

“Fuuuuccckkkk!” Joe screamed as loud as he could and came again, spurt after spurt.

Exhausted, Joe put the woman down. Pulled his arm out of her asshole and smelled her shit all over his hand and forearm. Looking down at her limp body, Joe had to fuck her once more and lined up his cock with her pussy. He didn’t care if he used his shitty hand or fucked her shit into her pussy, which he did. He could see dollops of her shit being fucked deep inside her pussy by his cock as he desperately and urgently thrust into her body.

Joe came again within minutes. Emptying his evil soul into this pristine woman.