Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

Monica looks at you blankly.

“No scrap that. Come here now, ” you say, a bit uncertain but trying to be assertive.

Monica meakly looks at you and crawls across the bed.

“Unzip me,” you say to Monica.

Monica looks at you with fear in her eyes. “That… that would be cheating, Ross.”

You start to feel a bit deflated but something in the way Monica didn’t say “no” makes you stop. You are in this deep, might as well go for it. “I said unzip me, you slut, before I make you.”

Monica physically shudders as her hands reach out and unzip your jeans.

“Grab my cock and suck it. Don’t fucking argue. I want to see you suck my cock like the cheap slut you are.”

You are worried you have pushed this too far and are about to apologise when Monica suddenly grabs your cock and engulfs it within her mouth. As she moves back and forward you are in heaven. Finally Monica’s mouth is around your cock. After so many years of it being a fantasy you can hardly believe it’s happening.

After a few seconds you realize Monica is slowing as though she’s not enjoying it. You grab her head in your hands and hold her tight as you push your cock into her mouth deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

Monica tries to struggle but you can tell it’s turning her on immensely so much so you are sure she’s cum without you even touching her.

Suddenly you feel yourself let go into her mouth. As she chokes on the torrent on sperm you hold her in place. Her eyes are watering as she desperately tries to swallow it all and breathe at the same time. Finally you let her up for air as she gasps you pull your cock out of her mouth.

As your climax subsides you start to feel guilty and look at Monica. She looks at you with tears on her cheeks and a sad smile. “Thank you, Ross,” she whispers.

It’s going to be an interesting trip…