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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sheep...)

“I have an idea,” quips Monica.

“Oh yeah what is it?” asks Rachel.

“Okay, well Ross will need to go into the other room first…”

You do so willingly and after five minutes you see Rachel and Monica walk in. Rachel is now wearing a tight black dress that defines every sexy curve on her body. Monica is wearing one of your shirts and your girlfriend’s favorite miniskirt. You now decide that the miniskirt looks even better on Monica.

“Sit down Ross,” whispers Rachel.

You do so, to find that Monica has taken your knees and spread them before stepping aside and inviting Rachel to start.

“No touching now,” teases Rachel. She approaches you provocatively and puts her legs around your hips and begins grinding up and down. Monica moves behind her and slowly undoes her zipper. Rachel shrugs off the dress and it falls around her waist.

Although you were told not to, your hands fly to Rachel’s back and you take off her bra. You then grab her tits firmly and squeeze them to your heart’s content.

“My turn,” says Monica, almost pushing Rachel off your lap. She stands in front of you doing a sexy little dance as she undoes each button of her shirt. You only just notice that she isn’t wearing a bra. She then turns around and bends over slowly so you can see up her skirt. You realize that she is wearing Rachel’s wet black panties and this makes you very hard. She slowly pulls off the skirt.

Now only wearing your girlfriend’s black panties, Monica sits back onto your hard dick with her perfectly round and tight ass. You reach round her and squeeze her tits and you must admit that hers are much better that your girlfriend’s.

She continues the dance on your lap and somehow manages to pull her panties aside, grinding her naked pussy against the tent in your pants where your erect cock is.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a slut Monica,” you whisper in her ear.

“Yeah but I’m your slut,” she replies.

“Hmmm I like that,” you comment.

“Yeah you like that — me, Monica, your own little personal fuck toy, yeah?” she asks seductively.

“Yeah I like that,” you reply.

“I’m such a dirty slut aren’t I, Ross? Riding you like this. I’ll probably let you fuck me everyday you want. That’s how much of a slut I am, you just need to call me and I’ll do whatever you want,” she pants.