Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by M...)

“That’s it!” he erupts. “On your feet! Put your hands behind your back!”

Rachel complies, and one of the men from the club protests, “C’mon man, why you gotta be like that? We were all about to have a good time and get some pussy. She’s just had a little too much to drink and we’re about to get her to the room. Can’t you just let it slide?”

The officer locks the cuffs in place. “Do you really think I’m going to let you talk me into letting you walk away from here with a prostitute, free and clear? If y’all would have just been cool about it instead of parading it out in the open, there wouldn’t have been an issue. But you didn’t and now here we are.”

“She’s not a prostitute,” you interject. “She’s my girlfriend.”

“Wait, really?” he asks, baffled. Shaking his head in disbelief, he mutters, “You white people are into some freaky shit.” He continues, “Look man. It’s not that serious since she’s not actually a hooker but it’s mainly the public intox and indecent exposure that’s the issue here. I’ll be cool, I could get her for more, but I’m just going to have her spend the night in the clink and give her the chance to sober up. You can come pick her up in the morning.”

Rachel seems to be too wasted to even care about the gravity of the situation. “Don’t worry honey, ” she winks. “I’m in very good hands.”

She gives you a kiss goodbye. You exit the elevator with the other two men as Rachel stubbornly lays down on the floor of it and kicks her shoes off her feet.

“I don’t need my hands to seduce you, offisher,” she insists. She lifts her little feet up to rub them against his powerful bulge. “I’m going to break you, ” she says. “I’m going to make you give in and give me what I want. Look how good my little white feet look up against that big black cock. It’s like they belong there.”