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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by FukBoi123...)

“Let’s try regular DP,” you suggest.

You get under Rachel, and as your friend gets ready to ass-fuck, you start to slowly ease into her. As you increasingly get faster and faster, your friend has a hard time getting his dick into her. But finally gets it in and you hear groans from both of them.

You cup your girlfriend’s breasts with your hands and squeeze. You grab her sexy body and thrust her down on your veiny boner.

Your friend Jamie can’t handle being buried in Rachel’s ass for long and soon you feel a gooey substance dripping on your balls. He groans and keeps on fucking.

“I’m cumming!” Rachel screams, and you feel her pussy get tighter as she cums. You and Jamie look at each other. You both fuck her so hard she passes out. After you cum, your friend pulls his dick out.

Rachel finally wakes up. “That was f-fun,” she groans, still sore from the fuckage.

“What next?” Jamie asks as he faps to your girl’s naked body.