Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“So once we get to this part, the three of you pretty much do whatever you want. I do want to see throat, pussy, and anal. I also want to see a good amount of DP and spit roasting. I think you two are probably too big for double vaginal and double anal but it would be pretty fucking cool if you can somehow manage it. Otherwise, have fun, fill Rachel with lots of cum and you have thirty minutes to finish,” Mark says.

“You mean I can cum in Rachel’s pussy too, Mark?” Ian asks.

“Up to you bro, but if she pops out a black baby, you know she’s coming for you right?” Mark responds.

“Awh fuck man. It’s gonna be so fucking hard. I just love filling white girls’ pussies with my cum, but Rachel seems serious about comin’ for me to be the dad so I’ll keep to her mouth and i1:ass}!” Ian relents.

Rachel let out a sigh of relief at Ian’s declaration that he wouldn’t fill her vulnerable vagina with his sperm-filled load of semen. But she did have a question,

“Uuhhhhh, Mark? What’s ‘spit-roasting?’” she asks.

“Hahaha, you’re so inexperienced Rachel, I love it! Spit-roasting is when two or more men fuck a woman from the front and the back while she’s down on all fours, sometimes the men just keep their bodies in position and the woman just rocks back and forth using her mouth and pussy to fuck the men, it’s quite fun to watch!” Mark explains mirthfully.

“Oh, wow, okay. And DP?” she asks again.

“You really don’t know any of this stuff huh?” Mark says appearing surprised.

John steps in. “DP is short for double penetration, Rachel. It’s when a man is fucking a woman’s vagina and another man is fucking that same woman in her asshole,” he explains kindly.

“And you want me to do that with John and Ian? They are so big, Mark, I don’t know if my little body can handle both of the men inside me at the same time. The spit roast I think I can do,” Rachel says sounding anxious.

“Come on Rachel, you didn’t think anal was gonna work and now you love anal!” Mark says, sort of encouragingly.

“Well, you’re right about the anal thing, Mark. Okay! I’ll do my best!” Rachel says with a little smile.

“Places everyone! And Rachel? Please make the things you say as slutty and as lewd as possible, we really want the audience to know how sexually depraved Rachel really is, it’s the final sex scene and Rachel has to become the sluttiest, valueless, fuckdoll and cum bucket in the world for everyone who is watching. I want them all to want to rush the stage and jam their cocks into your holes, okay?” Mark shouts.

Blushing quite a bit at Mark using her actual name to describe her character made her feel like the other actors, Mark, Ian and John might actually see her that way for real. Rachel began to regret agreeing to have her character’s name changed to hers to make it easier for John to remember.

Rachel, Ian and John get on stage. The scene starts with Rachel and John already naked embracing and kissing. Then Ian comes along and joins the fun.

“Action!” Mark signals.

Rachel embraces her boss and leans up to kiss him. His warm, hard body feels wonderful and Rachel can feel her vagina get wet. It was only since this morning that Rachel had had two other men’s giant penises inside her body, but her body is already acting very differently. Rachel can feel how her body prepares itself for copulation much much faster than any of the few times Ross had made love to her.

Her vagina and breasts become wet and ready within seconds of skin to skin contact with John. Rachel feels proud she can overcome her lack of sexual experience and change herself enough to become the wanton slut her character in the play needs to be. Rachel knew she could never act this way in real life, because what her character was doing was a cardinal sin against God, the Church, her family, her boyfriend, and to herself.

But her boyfriend Ross had given her permission to act out full sex scenes unsimulated with her boss and a random black man, and when she had John and Ian’s giant penises so deep inside her body it was not love. It was not real. It was just acting.

Rachel is very worried about John ejaculating so deep inside her so many times, but she feels she has no choice because Ross had told her to keep her commitments once she agreed to be the female lead. Rachel didn’t want to let anyone down.

Still, the idea of becoming pregnant with John’s baby was a very real possibility which Rachel was not sure what to do about. All she knew was that for today, she would finish the rehearsals with John probably finishing inside her vagina at least two more times.

Rachel was proud of how she was able to prevent Ian from ejaculating inside her as well. One man was bad enough. Two men ejaculating inside her several times each would dramatically increase the chance she would become pregnant with one of their babies.

Rachel’s thoughts became a blur as she felt John’s penis penetrate her vagina while she was still standing.

“Oh John, you’re so hard!” Rachel muttered.

“And you’re so fucking wet. Take my cock all the way inside you, Rachel. I’m gonna pound that tight little pussy of yours!” John says and begins to saw his cock into her.

“Oh God, your shaft is so fucking thick in my pussy baby! Jam that big fuckstick all the way into me and keep it there! I want to feel your hot hot cum smashing into my womb when you cum deep in me,” Rachel says, talking as slutty as she can.

“Oh fuck! You’re so damn hot Rachel,” John responds as he picks her up and bounces her pussy up and down on his shaft.