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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You hurriedly pick up your phone. It’s Rachel.

Rachel: Send me a dick shot. Get a ruler and show me how big you are.

You: Where’s my pic!

Rachel: Just send me the pic. I need it now.

Wow, this is weird. It’s not like she wasn’t sucking you off last night, surely she knows how big your dick is? You decide that this must be part of the game, and reach into a drawer to grab a ruler. Hiding it up your sleeve you head into the bathroom and lock yourself into a stall.

You stare at the pic of Rachel’s fantastic boobs as you stroke yourself, thinking about her bent over the copier wearing “that” dress. It doesn’t take long and you’re harder than you’ve ever been. Quickly you take the dick shot and text it to Rachel. You tuck yourself back up and head back to your desk.