Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by M...)

You kiss your girlfriend as you continue to make love. She looks up at you with lust in your eyes as you keep fucking her tight little hole.

“Do you like being a little whore?” you ask her.

“Mm-hmm.” She nods.

You move in a little closer to start sliding your full length inside her.

“Gosh, I can still barely feel that little white cock. I didn’t know how much I was missing out on, Monica,” she says with a wink. The naughtiness of her statement almost causes you to cum, and you have to pull out in order to avoid it. “Pathetic.” Rachel admonishes you. “You don’t deserve pussy anymore. Monica, do you mind taking care of this poor little thing while I take a real man’s cock?”

“I don’t really want to play with it, but that’s what friends are for, ” answers Monica. “I’ve felt so sorry for you every time you’ve talked about how small Ross is, so what’s mine is yours. John has enough cock for both of us, so you don’t have to put up with going unsatisfied any more. I don’t mind sharing.”

Rachel drops to her knees before the big black cock and begins worshipping it with her little mouth and hands as Monica guides you over to another couch to sit down and watch. She uses two fingers to lift up and drop your cock, with a laugh. “It’s funny how different they can be in size. And us girls only want bigger than seven inches, isn’t that right Rachel?”

Rachel stops slobbering on John’s cock long enough to say, “Well, duh. Why would anyone want to mess with the Rosss of the world when there are Johns out there? Big black cock is a scarce resource and John and his friends should get to fuck all the women. I think it’s time we change and just stop fucking white boys. We shouldn’t have to deprive ourselves and put up with their attitudes just to be disappointed our whole lives in bed. It starts with us.”

Monica easily throats your cock and taunts you, “When is it going to get hard? Oh… this… is hard?”

Rachel glances over. “Yes, that’s all he has to offer. Why don’t we compare, boys? Wouldn’t that be fun?” She helps John to his feet and Monica helps you to yours.

Rachel walks John over to stand beside you and drops to her knees between the two of you, Monica making way. The difference is enormous. Rachel starts by focusing on you. She forces it to the back of her throat and chokes on it. “You’re just lucky she’s so tiny,” laughs Monica.

Rachel then shifts her attention to John. Her little hands barely wrap around his girth, with room for two or three more of her hands to spare. She admires it before stretching her jaw to try and accomodate it. John holds the back of her head and gently fucks her little face. She gags on just the massive head, but that doesn’t discourage her. She throws her throat against it over and over again until she chokes. She wraps both of her hands around it, stroking vigorously. Looking up at John with puppy dog eyes, she says, “Fuck me.”

John helps her to her feet and makes out with her, caressing her body as she caresses his cock. He then picks her up in his arms, asking, “Which way is the bedroom?”