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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Half an hour later Rachel replies: Thanks honey.

You: Where’s my pic???

Rachel: Looks like we know who the bigger man is don’t we Ross?

You: ???

Rachel: Looks like your girlfriend really knows her way around a cock! Too bad she doesn’t know how to send a txt.

You: Who is this?

You’re really starting to panic now. “What’s going on?” you wonder, anxiously waiting the reply. Finally your phone buzzes.

Rachel: It’s Rachel’s boss, John. She sent me a lovely pic. I knew her nipples would be divine!

You: Haha, sure. Nice one Rachel!

Rachel: Talk to you at home. I’ll be a little late xxx

You spend the rest of the day wondering what she means. Just as you are opening a bottle of wine to have with your dinner, Rachel walks in through the door.

“Hi honey! Wow you really had me going there. I really started to believe that your boss…” You trail off as you see your girlfriend’s face. She looks very sheepish.

“Gimme that wine, I need it after the day I’ve had. This was supposed to be a little fun, but it’s gotten outta hand so quickly!”

“What do you mean?”

“It wasn’t a joke. I really did send a pic to John of myself with my dress pulled down to my waist. I was smiling into the camera and everything!” she whispers, going beet red.

“No way!” you reply.

“Yes I did. He called me to his office and made me give him my phone. He read the texts, and told me that you can’t be giving me what I need if I’m resorting to flashing myself off at work. I tried to explain it was all just a bit of fun. He wouldn’t listen and made me ask for that pic of your dick. He was so smug when he saw it. He made me get a ruler and measure his.”

She gets her phone out and taps at it. Your phone buzzes with message from Rachel. It’s a dick shot. It’s not your dick but you recognize Rachel’s hand holding it next to a ruler. The dick is at least seven inches long.

“Oh shit!” you exclaim.

“Yeah, he’s much bigger than you,” she whispers, looking away and going even redder in the face. “He wanted what you got last night.”

“Did you give it to him?”

“Yes. God he’s so big!”

Rachel taps at her phone again. Your phone suddenly buzzes and there is a pic of your girlfriend sucking on a large cock. It must be seven inches long, and really thick. She doesn’t seem too upset by it either. In fact, she seems to be enjoying herself. You look up and Rachel steps towards you and kneels down. She looks up at you as she unzips your fly.

“Oh god honey, I’m so sorry.”

“You should be, you slut. It looks like you enjoyed yourself! Now suck me like you did him!”

Rachel takes your dick out and strokes it. Looking up into your eyes she pauses. “No. I can only suck John. He says so”.

You look down at her kneeling before you. Rachel is looking up at you with a face full of lust. You’re not sure who it is for — you or the thought of her much bigger-dicked boss?