Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“Okay boys. Hope you know what you’re doing!”

As your girlfriend struts over to the men she unbuttons the next two buttons on the front of her dress, exposing her boobs encased in the black lacy bra. She kneels down as the guys drop their pants, pulling out their hardening cocks.

Paul and Dan are on the sides and John is in the middle. John reaches to the left and grabs Dan’s cock, stroking it as she puts the tip of it up to her closed lips. She then reaches for Paul, giving him the same treatment, touching her lips to his cock a couple times. John however isn’t satisfied with just that.

“How about we take it up a notch?” John says, gently grabbing Rachel’s head and guiding her towards his cock. She opens her lips and takes just the tip of his cock in her mouth, before sucking on it and pulling back off.

Rachel leans back and stands up, wriggling out of her dress before tossing it out of frame. This leaves her in the black lacy bra and panty set. As she does, two of the side cameras cut, and you’re left with just the middle view, which Paul moves back and zooms out so you can watch everyone in one frame.

Rachel then kneels back down where she was, and begins to suck John off again. She slowly engulfs as much of his cock in her mouth as she can take, before reaching her throat and gagging slightly.

To her right, Paul reaches for her hand, guiding it to his cock. Once she grabs it, he lets go, giving her full control, and she starts jerking him off slowly.

Meanwhile, Dan is removing his clothes and stroking his own cock at a fast speed, about the same rate you are stroking yours. You nearly lose it as Rachel moans on John’s cock. She pulls back, releasing his cock with a popping noise, and he groans.

She kisses Paul’s cock for a moment, and licks around the head before switching over to Dan, taking his full length into her throat instantly. She loses herself on his cock, and releases Paul in order to brace herself again Dan’s thighs as she bobs back and forth along his long dick.

After being let go, John reaches behind Rachel and unlatches her bra, and she drops her arms briefly in order to let it fall to the floor, before going back to focusing on Dan.

Meanwhile, Paul is slowly stroking his cock, looking neglected. Rachel slurps her way back off of Dan’s dick in order to fully engulf John’s length again for a minute, before switching back to Dan. John begins massaging her boobs as best as he can, causing her to moan while sucking off Dan.

Paul motions to Dan to rotate Rachel slightly more to the left, so that you have a perfect side shot of what’s happening. Then, Paul reaches and slowly slides your girlfriend’s panties down to her knees. He stops stroking his cock in order to kneel down behind Rachel and start rubbing her pussy, which is quickly increasingly getting wetter.

His strokes cause Rachel to moan even more onto Dan’s cock, which causes him to groan too, before grabbing her head and holding her on his cock. You hear Dan groan, and watch as his balls twitch, pumping spurt after spurt of his creamy load down your girlfriend’s throat. She slurps him clean before leaning back, examining her cleanup job. This causes Paul to stop his rubbing of her pussy, and he sits back behind her, waiting for her next move.

Dan proceeds to move off camera as John steps up to the plate and Rachel takes his length into her mouth yet again. John moans, and starts slowly pumping back and forth while your girlfriend bobs her head back and forth. While they do this, Paul proceeds to strip all of his clothes too, and strokes his cock at the sight in front of him.

You have to stop stroking your cock as you don’t want to cum yet, and you feel yourself on the edge. You stop and watch your dick, twitching, hot and angry red. As you start to calm down, you glance back at the screen, and realize what you missed.

Paul has since kneeled down behind Rachel, and as she’s leaned forward and lost in the moment, he has started to finger her pussy with one hand while he jerks his cock with his other. All harmless, you think.

Then, he pulls his fingers out of her and stops stroking his cock. He instead aims his cock directly for her pussy, and starts to stroke the tip up and down her slit.

Rachel gasps at the feeling, and moans as she feels just how hot this is. She begins to bob up and down John’s cock with more vigor, which in turn starts gyrating her ass back and forth, back and forth along Paul’s cock.

While not quite entering her, he is gliding up and down along her slit as she proceeds to move up and down and slightly back and forth. Her constant movement slightly pushed her onto Paul’s cock, but not hard enough for complete penetration. You watch as his cockhead is constantly getting partially engulfed by her pussy lips, and before you know it, you have cum all over — without even stroking! The thought of him being so close to fucking Rachel pushed you over the edge.

At that exact moment, Rachel stops bobbing and sucks on the tip of John’s cock as he cums, spurting gulp after gulp of sperm into her mouth. You catch his cock twitch as it physically pumps into her throat, her cheeks puffed out in order to swallow it all.

Since Rachel stopped moving so unexpectedly, Paul accidentally pushed most of his tip into her pussy, all but the very end with the ring of his cock. This seems to set him off, and he quickly backs up and starts stroking his cock, spurting his load all over Rachel’s lower back and ass. A couple of shots even land inside your girlfriend’s panties, which are stretched between her legs just above her bent knees. You don’t think anyone catches this.

You lean back, relaxing from your orgasm, and wondering what they will do next.