Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by VCG...)

“Oh my god, ” your girlfriend exclaims, “I can’t believe you started without me.”

You stop thrusting for a moment, caught off guard by the sudden appearance, but Mary continues to grind against you, seemingly only spurred on by Rachel’s sudden appearance. Rachel walks over next to the two of you and places a hand against Mary’s throat. Mary gasps, either in shock or lust. Either way, it seems to snap her to her senses and she stops moving against you and looks up at your girlfriend.

“Rachel, I…” she starts, but Rachel slaps her across the face and cuts her off.

“I knew you were a slut, ” Rachel says to her, “and if you want to keep this secret from your boyfriend, you’re going to be our personal slut. Understand?”

Mary nods, slowly.

“Good, ” Rachel says, and returns her hand to your coworker’s neck and leans in close, locking lips with her in a long, passionate kiss. She pulls back and, without looking away from Mary says, “now, fuck him.”

Mary, not needing much encouragement, starts rocking her hips again, and her moans start up right away. You follow suit, thrusting deep into her.

“Who’s a good slut?” Rachel asks.

“I am, ” Mary replies and Rachel slaps her again.

“Call me mistress when you talk to me, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress. It’s me, I’m the good slut, Mistress.”

Rachel smiles and tightens her grip around Mary’s throat. Mary gives a small gasp or at least tries to, as her breathing is cut off. Rachel keeps this up, you and Mary thrusting against each other as your coworker slowly runs out of air but before she passes out, Rachel lets go. Simultaneously, Mary is able to breathe again and is hit by a wild orgasm, cumming all over you and gasping. Her pussy tightens around your rod.

“I’m close,” you say and without prompting, Mary’s legs tighten around your waist, pulling you deeper into her and stopping any chance of you pulling out before you cum. Rachel notices this.

“Oh, looks like your little slut wants to get bred. Is this true, slut? Do you want Mistress and her man to breed you?”

“Yes please, Mistress. Please, put a baby in me. I want his cum, I want to feel it, please.” She begs through gasps as tears and sweat streaming down her face. For the first time since first locking eyes with your coworker, your girlfriend turns to look at you.

“Do it, Ross,” she says and on command you instantly empty your balls into Mary’s tight pussy, filling her fertile womb with your potent cum. At the exact same time, another orgasm rocks Mary’s body. Once again, Rachel pulls her in for a long, passionate kiss, muffling her moans with her lips. After what feels like an eternity, Mary’s legs release from around you and you stagger backwards, penis still pointing at the ceiling.

“Looks like he’s not done yet, ” Rachel says, pulls Mary off the counter and throws her hard onto the floor. Mary lands on all-fours and gives a gentle whimper of pain mixed with pleasure.

“Now, what will we do to you next?” Rachel asks.