Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by M...)

After this night, Rachel turns the teasing up a notch. She realizes how much you like it (not to mention how much she does) and she uses every opportunity possible to remind you of how small you are and how black men are superior. She methodically brainwashes you by sending you pictures of the TV shows she’s watching, but on each picture, she draws a cock.

When it’s a black cock, it’s powerful. There’s no missing it, she makes sure that it’s the center of attention and takes up most of the screen. You can tell that she puts careful attention into her illustration, ensuring that from every angle the light catches it right, and that the dimensions and details are exactly on point.

When it’s a white cock, it’s as if she couldn’t care less. Sloppy lines and half-assed handiwork. She scrawls out rough sketches and she makes them look tiny.

At first you take it lightheartedly, but she continues to hammer you with this propaganda, infiltrating your brain. As you take in the images of her drawings in carefully planned out patterns, your views on your adequacy are modified at her command. You see: BIG BLACK COCK. Small white dick. BIG BLACK COCK. Small white dick. Over and over again, she relentlessly assaults your feeble brain, feeding it this new information, making her beliefs into your own.

Soon, you find that this is all you can think about. You begin watching nothing but interracial porn and imagine that the girl being fucked is Rachel. You even go as far as to buy a big black dildo for her as a gag gift (that will definitely make her gag!) You make jokes about your dick being tiny. You tease her about fucking black men and being a dirty little snowbunny. You have played right into her hand and have ate up every bit of indoctrination she’s given to you.

The longer that time goes on, the more and more you accept this new lifestyle. You give up on trying to fuck her and you accept your new place as her cuck. She continues sending you the illustrated images. BIG BLACK COCK. Small white dick. BIG BLACK COCK. Small white dick. It’s a fact of life and you know it to be true. This is your sex life now. You no longer think about getting pussy for yourself. As soon as you get a spare moment, you turn off the lights, tear down your pants, you whip out your cock and you watch interracial porn… further reinforcing Rachel’s teachings.

It’s amazing the amount of power this small woman has been able to accrue, she’s studied your personality and she knows every desire and every deeply held fantasy down to the last detail. She toys with your mind and holds the key to your soul. You submit entirely, and she owns you.