Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Since you already beat John one-on-one, let’s step it up a notch!” says Paul.

Still panting a bit from her previous exertion of fucking the cum out of her boss, Rachel looks at Paul with a not so confident look. “What do you have in mind, Paul?”

“Both Dan and me at once!” Paul says.

“Both of you together?” Rachel asks incredulously.

Dan chimes in, “Yeah… and you have to make of us cum within thirty minutes using only your pussy.”

“And if I don’t make both of you cum in time with just my pussy?” Rachel asks.

“All three of us get to fuck you again for as long as we want and cum anywhere we want!” John says with a shit eating grin on his face and a rock-hard cock in his hand.

Rachel looks at her boss and appears to be contemplating the offer. You’re not sure if it’s such a good idea, especially since Rachel fucking other men was never talked about with you before. It could also be a big problem for you and Rachel because she not on any birth control and the guys are not using condoms. But… you are very excited at the same time to have a chance at watching your once pristine girlfriend getting gangbanged by a group of huge-cocked men.

“Okay! But only if you use condoms… I’m not on any birth control and don’t want to get pregnant!” Rachel says.

Both men look at each other, then look back at Rachel.“Uh… we have no condoms. We’re all married men and haven’t used condoms in over a decade…”

“Then no dice gentlemen… I took enough of a chance fucking John bareback!” Rachel says, halting the nights fun.

Paul’s face looks downcast before it perks up again. “Oh… that’s such a disappointment Rachel… I thought you were up to the challenge… it’s okay to lose sometimes. We understand!”

Rachel’s face colors and you can visibly see her body tense up. “I don’t lose, Paul! You’re on! Get your big cocks ready to use. This little pussy is gonna make them spurt like old faithful!”