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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“To hell with that!” you exclaim. “You’re my girlfriend!”

You grab Rachel by the hair and thrust your dick inside her mouth. You pump away, not listening to her squeals. After a minute of vigorous face-fucking you notice that Rachel is moving her head by herself. You let go and listen to the sound of her sucking. She starts moaning.

“Oh god Ross… slurp… I… slurp… want your… cock… so bad… I don’t care… slurp…”

“Don’t care about what, woman?” you grunt.

“About my orders. Please, just don’t tell… slurp… John.”

You grab her head and force your dick further down her mouth. She gags, but you feel your girlfriend open even wider. You give one last thrust and pump your load into her mouth and hold her there. Eventually you let her go, and she rests back onto her knees and licks her lips.

“Oh God Ross, why did you do this to me years ago? I’d never have ended up finding out about my boss’s cock. I love your cock too, but like he said, he’s the bigger man! I’m so confused right now!”