Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by VCG...)

“I want my brother to make me pregnant, ” she confesses.

You look at her blankly. “Your brother? Pregnant? If you want a baby, why can’t you have one with me?” you ask, a little offended.

“Oh, I’ll have your baby. You and I are going to have lots of babies, I’ll basically be a baby factory for you. I mean, look at me, these tits, these hips, I was born to be bred.”

You do look at those tits and those hips and you can’t disagree, both sets are perfect for child-rearing.

“But I want my first baby to be with my brother. I want an incest baby. It’s just so taboo, so forbidden, and nobody would ever know except for you, me and maybe him if we feel like sharing the info. The dirtiest of dirty little secrets.”

Part of you is turned on by the idea — actually a lot of you is if your rapidly growing erection is anything to go by. You always knew Rachel was filthy, it’s one of the things you like most about her, although this is certainly a new high. You wonder what else she could be secretly into if this is something she’s so open to ask for.

“Well, not like I haven’t watched plenty of brother/sister porn before. This would just be the first time I know the participants are related.”

She crawls towards you and takes your dick in her hand.

“What do you say?” she asks, looking up at you with pleading eyes.