Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Seeing as how you were not able to make Dan and Paul come by only using your pussy like you promised, we should all get to take you right here, right now. But I’ll make you a deal…” John says graciously.

You wonder if all of this is part of the skit they had planned or if they were making it up as they went along.

“What deal John?” your girlfriend asks in a nervous voice.

“If you let us tie you up, we will promise to only cum where you ask us to…” John says with a big smile.

“Tie me up? But then I won’t have any control over what happens… how do I know after you tie me up you won’t just do whatever you want anyway?” Rachel asks nervously.

“Come on Rachel… think about it. You are my director. Why would I want to make trouble for you? Why would I want to sour our relationship with lies or by hurting you? I need you for my business! And besides, wasn’t it you who asked us to help you with this ‘sexting’ thing with your boyfriend Ross? Wasn’t it your boyfriend who wanted to see us doing sexual skits for him to jerk off to? And wasn’t it your boyfriend who asked you to let us fuck you? And you agreed with him?” John lays it all out for her.

You realize it is real now and not part of the skit. You stare at your screen to see what Rachel will do.

She looks down and appears to be contemplating something.

John adds to his comments, “And remember Rachel, you already fucked the cum out of me, and might have let me cum deep inside you had I not pulled out. Not to mention the fact that you’ve let us finger your pussy and asshole, and you’ve deepthroated each of us multiple times, letting us cum down your throat and all over your face and body. It’s a little late to be complaining we are pushing boundaries too far, isn’t it?”

Rachel begins to nod her head in agreement.

“You’re right John. We have gone way over the boundaries for people who work together all the time, and I guess if you were trying to get me pregnant you could have cam inside me at anytime when you and I were having sex for Ross… Okay. You can tie me up. But can we have a safe word? Like ‘Daisies’ or three thumps in a row? I read that somewhere,” Rachel says, lightening up a bit.

“Yeah… that’s a good idea. Daisies and three thumps,” John says and signals for the other two men to find something’s to tie her up with. It takes a few minutes, but they manage to rip up some sheets and tie her thighs to her calves, and her wrists to her ankles so she is wide open in her torso and crotch with no freedom of movement in her legs or arms.

“Wow… this is quite secure. You guys must have been Boy Scouts,” Rachel comments.

“Get ready Rachel… here comes the gag,” John says and is holding a strip of the ripped sheet and her underwear.

“Wait… what?” Rachel manages to say before John is at her face and stuffing her soiled underwear into her mouth and tying it off with the strip of ripped sheet.

“Mmmrrrpphhhh! Mmmm!” says Rachel.

“I’m sorry Rachel… what is that you are saying? You want us to all fuck the shit out of you? Okay!” John says and all three guys appear around her, slowly jerking their hard as nails cocks.