Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Hoping to keep the truce with Jimmy you ignore his text. Sitting on the couch trying to watch TV, you can’t get the last few days out of your mind. Eventually you succumb and take out your phone. For hours you flip back and forth through the images and videos fapping away until your meat is so raw you can’t get it up anymore.

Your favorites are definitely the ones of Rachel cumming when a guy tells her he’s going to bust his nut as he fucks her. You watch over and over as your girlfriend instantly explodes into a massive orgasm, her whole body shaking, eyes rolling back into her head as her tongue lolls about hanging out of her slack-jawed wide open mouth. Her pink cheeks and the drool trickling out of the corner of her pretty mouth are the icing on the cake.

Thinking about it, your realize that the only suggestion Rachel received was that she’d cum so hard she’d nearly lose her mind. That fact that your girlfriend’s psyche took her from that vague suggestion a to full on Ahegao face has you hard as a rock again and you find yourself wondering if Jimmy left that bit of programming intact. He probably did, you think, as you swipe back to the last image he sent you with Rachel on her knees holding the sign saying “#IamAFuckdoll” while she holds his cum in her mouth as though waiting for the instruction to swallow his “yummy” cum.

This last thought causes you to groan as a trickle of cum dribbles out of your cock. Your willpower evaporates, and you text Jimmy.

“I want #IamAFuckdoll Rachel”

Looking at the clock, it’s 3AM and you stagger off to bed.

The next morning you wake up and find your girlfriend eating breakfast. As you watch her dip the banana in the yoghurt, lick it off, your morning wood appears. Rachel notices you.

“Good morning sleepy head! Hmmm… I think I prefer this… the vanilla is good, but I love the tanginess of the natural yoghurt! It’s super thick and creamy too! See?” She continues before opening her mouth to show you before swallowing it with a big gulp. “Mmmm… I’m going to need a regular supply of this!”

Rachels lips closing and her petite Adams Apple slowly moving up and down as she swallows nearly makes you cum in your pants. This doesn’t escape Rachel’s attention.

“Oh my! A little excited are we?” she asks, licking the residual yoghurt from her lips, “Well, that’s too bad. I’ve gotta get to work! Maybe you can convince me tonight to try some of your yoghurt if the hypnotism works? That does sound fun… being force-fed ‘yoghurt’ until my tummy is full by a guy who totally controls me… hahaha… not that I’d remember it… unless you video it… hahaha,” she giggles standing up and walking to the front door.

“Um, the guy, that’d be me, right?,” you call out.

Turning back to look at you, Rachel replies “Oh, yeah, totes!” and nearly runs out the door looking very flustered, but not before you notice her cheeks flush. Before you can dwell on it further, a text arrives.

“I bet you do! Tell her you’ve ordered pizza for dinner. Have ‘Girlfriend Rachel answer the door. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Will you go along within Jimmy’s plan?