Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Holy shit Ross! John just fucked the shit out of Rachel and filled her with his cum!” your best friend Jamie cries out in shock and wonder.

Bob, the older guys you work with, whips out his cock and it’s almost as big as John’s. Who knew Bobby had such a big one?

Stepping up behind Rachel, Bob pulls her inseminated pussy off of John’s cock and easily positions her bent over the table with her cum dripping on display. Without any hesitation, he jams that big cock balls deep into your girlfriend making her grunt loudly.

Bob bucks against your young girlfriend’s pussy again and again, slamming her pelvis against the edge of the table hard each time. Grabbing a handful of her shoulder length blonde hair in one and grabbing a shoulder with the other, he grunts over and over again, twitching and shuddering as he adds his cum deep into your girlfriend’s pussy to mix with John’s.

“Damn that’s a sweet little blonde pussy… gripping my shaft and shit…” Bob says as he lets her go and steps back to let his semi-hard but still bigger than yours cock from her pussy. There is a thick gush of cum that pours out of her and runs down her inner thighs on both sides like a river.

Rachel lowers herself to the ground only to be pounced upon by Chris, your ultra Catholic sometimes friend. He sheds his pants and positions his really big cock against your girlfriend’s cum dripping pussy… but something’s very wrong with his cock.

It’s about the size of John’s cock… like ten inches and as thick as your wrist, but you can see it’s covered from base to tip in bumpy growth that looks like cauliflower… and not only does it look all deformed, in several places it is leaking reddish looking pus, and in several other places, it’s oozing a green-brown oily looking pus. It’s horrific to look at, but you do in fascination at how a man could have such a diseased cock and not get it taken care of.

Then before your brain snaps to awareness, Chris presses the pusing tip of his cock against rhe cum leaking slit of your girlfriend’s pussy and pushes himself in. You watch in shock as her little pussy lips stretch out around his invading cock and it’s rough growths. Her pussy lips get pulled in when a particularly large growth pushes against it and folds it into herself.

“Oh Fuck… my cock hasn’t been inside a woman in a decade… thank God for this little pristine pussy! Thank God for this opportunity! Thank you for granting me this wish!” Chris says as he presses forward and eventually gets his diseased dick balls deep inside your girlfriend’s pussy.

The other guys don’t have the angle so can’t see his messed up cock and they cheer him on as if it wasn’t your girlfriend, their close friend under him at that moment, “yeah Chris! Give it to her! Jam your cock into her little pussy! Fill her with your spunk!”

Urged on my his friends Chris bucks into your girlfriend, his bumpy diseased cock getting coated by the cum and Rachel’s cunt juice. Rachel also has no idea what Chris’s cock looks like and she embraces his bucking body against herself.

“Oh Chris… I can feel all the veins and bumps on your big cock… give it to me! Give it to me hard!” Rachel mutters as Chris begins to pound into her. From your vantage point you can see a ring of green-brown pus forming around her pussy… the combined discharge of the pustules on his shaft.

Chris quickens his pace and growls loudly as he emptied his load of cum deep inside your girlfriend. He bucks against her and flexes his ass cheeks two dozen times. Then he just lays in her for a couple minutes while Rachel runs his back and keeps her legs wrapped around him.

Chris finally got up when Jamie called him out on monopolizing Rachel’s pussy. You watch in horror as his bumpy diseased cock pulls out of her… her stretched thin pussy lips gliding over his growths. When the tip of his cock clears her pussy lips, it is followed by a thick flow of reddish, nearly neon green-brown pus looking cum filled with dark and hard looking things.

Chris barely has time to use her discarded underwear to wipe away his rancid cum from her hole before Jamie shoves him aside jams his small cock into her and starts bucking like crazy.

Jamie cums within two minutes, to be replaced by Mark… who has the thickest dick of them all. It looked like a six inch come can. When he shoved himself into your girlfriend, she grunted and howled so loudly you thought he had split her in two.

But he got inside her and began to buck into her like all the others. Mark lasted a long time, ducking your now delirious girlfriend for at least thirty minutes, both of their bodies dripping sweat…

Mark looks up at you right before he fills her with his cum and says, “Damn your girlfriend’s pussy is fine!”

All the men having cum deep inside Rachel, you usher them out of your house so she can recover from the intense gangbang.