Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Breathing a sigh of relief you see the car isn’t Jimmy’s. The ride home is uneventful, with both of you remaining mostly silent. Once you’re inside things change rapidly. Rachel grabs you by the hand and drags you to the bedroom.

“Go on do it! Put me under! Please Ross, pretty please? ” whines your girlfriend as she grabs your special hypnotism pendant and thrusts it into your hands.

You know there is no use as Rachel is already under your influence, so you don’t really try. “Okay, here goes! When I count to three you will be under my power… 1… 2… 3! You are under my power!”

Rachel giggles, and slowly speaks. “I am under your power.”

You know Rachel is faking, and decide to just go with it. “Okay my fuckdoll, take your clothes off!”

Rachel stifles a giggle again, but slowly strips off her dress, followed quickly by her shoes, stockings, panties and bra. “What do you want me to do now?” she asks in a clearly fake zombie voice while standing before you completely naked.

Thinking quickly you decide that if you get your girlfriend a little drunk, you can use the ‘drama’ command to really put her under and then chalk up any meme key loss to the alcohol. You might get your chance at some real action, and anyway Rachel has said enough times already that is what she wants. Win-win.

“Follow me. You are in need of a drink. You will drink whatever I give you.”

Rachel does as instructed, following you to the dining room and downing the large glass of rum you present her with. Once she has done that you issue the next suggestion.

“You have an intense desire to worship my cock. You should feel free to act on that desire.”

As soon as the words leave your mouth Rachel immediately kneels before you and frantically undoes your pants and fishes you dick out. In her best attempt at a detached voice says “I want to worship your cock. I need your cock…” as she sinks her lips over the head and sucks.

What if your girlfriend lick and slurp on your dick has you close to blowing your load within a minute. You grab her hair and pull Rachel’s head toward you, picturing all the times you’ve seen her do this on video for all those other guys. When you’ve finished cumming you release her and slump into a chair. What you hear next makes you sit up straight.

“Hmmmmm! Yummy cum! I love thick tummy cum! Can I have some more? Please!” moans your girlfriend in a slightly sleepy voice. Her eyelids flutter closed. Taking the opportunity while you can, you say it.


The effect is instant. Rachel’s body immediately becomes lax. Without thinking you hear yourself speak. “What are you, Rachel? Tell me!”

Opening her eyes Rachel looks at you. “I am a Fuckdoll” she drones.

Testing the waters, you go on. “What do fuckdolls like best Rachel?”

With a little animation lighting up her face and voice, your girlfriend responds. “That’s easy! Fuckdolls like to cum on big dicks! It’s the best!”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Do what comes naturally Rachel,” you suggest, not believing your luck.

“Okay! But I don’t see any big dicks… I’m so confused!” replies Rachel, looking around the room.

Well, that didn’t go to plan, you think a little dejectedly. But it’s nothing you can’t fix. “But Rachel, I have a big dick. You think my dick is big!”

Rachel’s confusion washes away. “Oh my god! You have a big dick! Can I cum on it? Please? I love cumming on big dicks!” Not waiting for your answer, your girlfriend immediately straddles you cow-girl style, sinking her sopping wet pussy down into your raging boner. You lean forward and start kissing her, but her wanton jumping has you about to blow your load in seconds. You seize your chance.

“I’m gunna cum in your pussy, Rachel!” You yell at the top of your voice as you convulse. But nothing happens. The Ahegao face you so badly wanted to see never appears. In frustration, you realize your error, “Nut! Nut!” you yell but to no avail. The alcohol has taken its toll, and you’re done for the night.

Giving up, you order Rachel to bed. As you lie down next to her in the dark, you whisper “drama” and fall asleep, forgetting to reprogram the keyword.