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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You: Give him a blow job?

Rachel: Shit! Really???

You: Ya gotta do something. Think of it this way. You’ll give the little perv a thrill.

Rachel: Glad you suggested it first! I better go.

You don’t hear back from your girlfriend until after lunch. Your phone buzzes and when you pick it up there is a pic of Rachel looking up into the camera with her dress pulled down. She’s smiling and cum is dribbling out of her pretty mouth. The phone buzzes again.

Rachel: Hi Ross! Wow, she really knows how to suck cock!

You drop the phone on desk and slump back into your chair. The phone buzzes again.

Rachel: I gotta stay back after work. See you at home xxx

You spend the rest of the day wondering what she means. Just as you are opening a bottle of wine to have with your dinner, your phone rings. It’s Rachel. Relieved, you answer it.

“Hi honey, how are you? What’s going on?”

“Oh, Hi Ross! It’s John. Thanks for your suggestion, I very much appreciate it. Your girlfriend has something to say to you.”

Now you can hear Rachel speaking quietly, but you can’t make it out.

“Did you get that Ross?” you hear John say as if from a distance.

“Sorry? I can’t hear anything” you say nervously.

“I’ve moved the phone. Is that better honey?” you hear Rachel say more clearly this time.

“Yes,” is all you can think of saying.

“Say it again now my girl,” John says with a chuckle.

“I’m sorry for sending you pictures of me boss. It was unprofessional,” says your girlfriend timidly. “I hope that I can continue to make it up to you.”

“How have you done that so far?” giggles John.

“By sucking your cock, boss.”

“Good girl. Who suggested you do that?”

“My boyfriend Ross did, boss.”

The phone call ends just like that. Suddenly your phone buzzes. It’s Rachel again, but this time it’s a video call request. You accept and the screen is filled with a view of John’s office with his desk from the side. You can hear your girlfriend but can’t see her.

“Do I clear off your desk now, boss?”

“Yes. You know what to do, slut.”

Rachel steps into view and starts to carefully remove the items from the desk. She is naked except for her pumps and underwear, and her hair is in a ponytail. God she’s so sexy you think, and then realize where she is and who is with her.

When she is finished Rachel stands at the side of the desk and bends over it. John steps into view behind her. He undoes her bra and reaches around to cup her boobs with one hand and pull her knickers down with the other. He pushes her down so that her face is on the desk turned to the side facing the camera, her boobs squashed up beautifully under her. John rubs her ass and slowly moves his hand forward to her pussy. Rachel tries to move forward away from his hand, but he grabs her hair and pulls her back, lifting her up.

Your girlfriend is now looking directly at the camera with her gorgeous boobs hanging down. John starts moving his hand rubbing her pussy. She moans.

“Please, John…”