Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Maybe we should stop now John… we’ve taken this a bit far…” Rachel says to the guy, then you remember her boss’s name is John…

“Oh Rachel… it’ll be okay. Let me finish the massage so you can be rested for tomorrow.” John says to her.

“Maybe just a little more?”

“Just a little more…” John says

He resumes his position straddling your girlfriend’s legs and places his hands on her plump ass cheeks and rubs gently at first, but his hands press down a bit harder with each stroke until it’s riding up and into her crotch.

Soon both of her cheeks are nearly completely exposed, with the fabric pushed up by John’s big hands. It must feel pretty good to Rachel because she’s moaning a low steady something, and her ass is gently rocking back and forth.

The pudgy guy gets on the bed on one side of Rachel as well and begins to massage her pale, smooth upper back, his hands roaming down to her side boobs and lingering for several seconds at a time.

“Is that a special technique Dan?” Rachel says with her eyes closed.

“Yes Rachel… I want to make sure you have the best massage… you deserve it!”

While Rachel and Dan are bantering, John smoothly slides his hands up over the edge of the waistband of her lacy panties. His fingertips curl under and hook her waistband as his hands pull back down. Rachel seems unaware of what’s going on.

John continues to pull until he has her lacy panties completely down her legs and is pulling them off her feet.

“Why’d you stop John? It was just getting good…” Rachel says with eyes closed and a deep smile on her face.

“Just getting something out of the way…” John says and crawls back up her legs to straddle them again. Except John is now in just his boxers. In fact, so is Dan. Strange you think… when did that happen?

John’s hands resume rubbing on your girlfriend’s plump ass cheeks and soon John’s hands are gripping her toned cheeks and pulling them apart to reveal her tight pucker being stretched to its limits, as well as the bottom edge of her tight pussy lips. With each pull of her cheeks to the side, her pucker and pussy lips pull apart a little more.

John adjusts his hands so one of his thumbs rests square on top of her pucker, and the other thumb rests on edge of her pussy lips. You see his thumbs press down a little before he resumes stretching her cheeks to the outside again.

Rachel gasps as the tip of John’s thumbs apply pressure on her two bottom holes again and again. A minute of this and half of his fingernails are inside her asshole and pussy with each pull of the cheeks.

“Don’t forget my front guys…” Rachel moans in the most sultry voice you’ve ever heard from her.

“You’re right Rachel! How bad of us to forget your front! Turn over and we will get right on it!” John says with a serious look on his face as he lets her ass cheeks go and lifts himself off her legs but still straddling her. Rachel lifts up to reveal her perfect boobs and her half inch long, rock-hard nipples and twists to land on her back.

Rachel is completely naked, and you’re not sure when she did it, but she is smoothly shaven on her pubic mound. Dan gets off the bed to be replaced by Paul. You assume Dan is now filming to let Paul have a turn.

John has settled down again, and his hands have come down on her thighs only a few inches from her crotch. They begin moving up and down, his thumbs spreading out to rub the creases between her thighs and pubes.

Paul has his hands on her boobs rubbing and pulling on them a bit roughly, not looking like a massage. Rachel is wincing a bit.

“Easy on her tits Paul… they are not exercise balls…” John says.

“Yeah. Sorry…” Paul says and becomes gentler.

Rachel’s face becomes much more relaxed.

The camera pans down to John and her pussy again. John’s hands have moved over already and his one thumb is resting right in top of her clit, while the other thumb is rubbing up and down her wet looking slit.

Rachel begins moaning in earnest, which prompts John to become more aggressive with his fingers. You can see his thumb on her clit rubbing faster as his thumb on her pussy is deeper into the slit.

Rachel’s breaths become faster and more urgent as John’s fingers accelerate. Paul is rolling her nipples in his fingers when John suddenly pushes his thumb into your girlfriend’s pussy until it can’t possibly go into her anymore.

The suddenness of his action triggers a massive orgasm in Rachel. She bucks her hips up, which drives his big thumb even deeper into her body. This triggers her to spray her juices in a wide arc up that nearly reaches John’s face.