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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Phew! That’s a good outcome!” you sigh with relief as you hurry out of the kitchen and head toward the sound of her voice at the front door.

“Yeah!” you hear Rachel reply as she takes off her coat. You stop and look at her. Again you think how sexy she is, especially the way that dress clings to her hips, and shows off her gorgeous ass and legs. You look up and see that the top two buttons are still undone, and her boobs are swelling at the opening. You move forward and hug her.

“And all your girlfriend had to do was give her boss a handy,” she whispers in your ear as she pulls your face around to hers and gives you a long deep kiss. As her tongue explores your mouth you thank the gods that you didn’t suggest a blowjob. Rachel’s hand moves down to your crotch and gives your growing erection a squeeze.

“Hmmm — shall I show you what I did for John?” she moans in a sultry voice as she unzips you. You don’t reply and push her down on her knees. She strokes you as she starts to speak.

“At first John insisted on a blowjob. The only way I could get him to agree was by sweetening the deal.”

“Huh?” you moan looking down at her, watching her hand slide up and down your shaft.

“Well, I offered to reproduce the picture I accidentally sent him. You know, undo my dress and do it topless. He went for that, but insisted on cumming over my boobs, the cheeky bastard.”

With that she sits up straighter and pulls her dress down. Her boobs spill out of the dress and she leans forwards, squeezing your cock between them and rocking up and down. She looks up at you again and smiles. “Uh huh, I let him titty-fuck me, Ross!”

It’s all too much for you and you explode, cumming over her boobs just like her boss did a few hours before. She sits back on her knees, and swipes the cum off. “Yes, I also did this too, Ross,” she says as she licks her fingers clean.

“After that, John said I did such a great job I deserved a promotion,” Rachel exclaims standing up. “Wow, I can’t believe this all happened on our first day of sexting! I don’t know how we’ll top this tomorrow!”